miguel cabrera

Is Miguel Cabrera This Generation’s Hank Aaron?

On June 20, 2003, Miguel Cabrera struck out in his first big league at bat.  He’d get the last laugh however. In the bottom of the eleventh inning the 20-year-old rookie hit a two-run home run to help his then-Florida Marlins to a 3-1 victory over the then-Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Now, I bring that […]

yasiel puig

Yasiel Puig Launches His Own Website

Ever since he showed up last season, it’s hard to not hear anyone talking about Yasiel Puig. And now, dude’s a webmaster. Not reeeeeeeally, but, well…never mind.  Friday, the Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder unveiled his latest creation.  You know, just in case you can’t find his statistics or highlights anywhere else in this world of […]

jonathan papelbon

Jonathan Papelbon is Clearly a Ric Flair Fan

Respect for Jonathan Papelbon…rising? You’ve seen thousands of videos like this.  And odds are, you’re going to see a thousand more.  But, my guess is you’re never going to witness anything as wonderful as this. Following his game Thursday afternoon against the Atlanta Braves, the Philadelphia Phillies closer was talking pitch velocity (or something) when…the […]


Josh Pettitte Leaves Baylor for Rice

A lot has happened in the Pettitte house over the last fourteen months. In February, then-high school senior Josh threw a no-hitter.  Four months later, he found himself drafted by the New York Yankees, heading to Baylor on a baseball scholarship, shelved due to Tommy John surgery and now, without even throwing as much as […]

mike tyson

Iron Mike Invades the Steel City

Boxing legend Mike Tyson was in Pittsburgh Thursday night to witness firsthand the Pirates beat the stuffing out of the Milwaukee Brewers 11-2. Big right hook tonight from our offense sparked by

xander bogaerts

Xander Bogaerts is Good at Twitter

Not long after Xander Bogaerts fielded the final out of Wednesday night’s extra innings 6-4 victory over the Chicago White Sox, the Boston Red Sox shortstop did what most 21-year-olds would do. He hit Twitter. Bogaerts, who has more than 40,000 followers has only tweeted once since Christmas.  What would possess him to get online […]

chicago white sox

White Sox Are “Boston Strong”

Prior to the Boston Red Sox taking on the Chicago White Sox at U.S. Cellular Field Tuesday night, both teams honored to the victims of last year’s Boston Marathon attack. Included as part of the tribute…a video montage of the day’s tragic events, a moment of silence and the White Sox players and coaches decked […]

john rocker

John Rocker Goes After Hank Aaron

In December 1999, John Rocker’s now infamous interview with Jeff Pearlman hit the pages of Sports Illustrated and it didn’t take long for Hank Aaron to take notice. “To be honest with you, I was very sick and disgusted with the whole situation,” the Atlanta Braves legend said.  “For someone in the situation of Mr. […]

nelson mandela

Yankees to Honor Nelson Mandela

Following his death this past December, the New York Yankees announced that they would be honoring Nelson Mandela with his own plaque in  Yankee Stadium’s famed Monument Park during Tuesday’s league-wide celebration of Jackie Robinson Day. And before you ask…no, Mandela will not be the first non-baseball player immortalized at Yankee Stadium.  Far from it.  […]

curt schilling

Curt Schilling is Done with Cancer Treatment

Say what you want about Curt Schilling, but he revealed, back in February, that he had been diagnosed cancer we all shifted into “we wish him well” mode. Well, here we are, a couple of months later and, while it would appear, chemotherapy has taken its toll on the 47-year-old,

david ortiz

Saturday Night Live Spoofs David Ortiz

“Saturday Night Live” has done a number of spoofs of athletes during its nearly 40-year run.  Kenan Thompson’s David Ortiz might be my new favorite. “Do you got bats in your house?”

jeff francoeur

Jeff Francoeur is an “Idiot”

Clubhouse pranks are as much of a part of baseball as peanuts and Cracker Jack and as far as this one goes…it’s a winner. Late in Spring Training, veteran Jeff Francoeur was released by the Cleveland Indians and, just days later, signed by the San Diego Padres and assigned to the team’s Triple-A affiliate in […]


Some Study: Cardinals Fans Are Best in Baseball

Ask any St. Louis Cardinals fan who the best fans are in baseball and they’ll tell you.  They are. And now there’s a study that backs up those claims. Recently, customer-loyalty consultancy firm Brand Keys analyzed each Major League Baseball team’s fan base, ranked them according to its “sports fan loyalty index” and, you guess […]

ultimate warrior

Dodgers Honor Ultimate Warrior

Whether it is professional wrestlers appearing at baseball games or Major Leaguers posing for pictures with their favorite WWE Superstars, the crossover between sports entertainment and baseball has been pretty well documented. So, it should have come as no surprise that beginning Tuesday, following the death of WWE Hall of Famer Ultimate Warrior (real name […]

joe nathan

Tigers Great: Nathan’s “Dead Arm” is an Excuse

When Joe Nathan signed a two-year, $20 million to close games for the Detroit Tigers, the team was pretty sure they had found their closer. Unfortunately, the 39-year-old hasn’t lived up to expectations and earlier this week went public with what he thinks the problem is.  Dead arm. Joe Nathan says he has a ‘dead […]