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Dana Scully from X-Files is Named After Who?

As the “X-Files” wraps up its record-breaking return to television…here’s an interesting fun fact about the iconic FOX show.

Did you know that it is more than a coincidence Gillian Anderson’s character Dana Scully shares her surname with Vin Scully, the Hall of Fame Los Angeles Dodgers broadcaster?

Yup. It’s true.

“You know, Vin Scully was always the voice of God. When I was growing up my mom would fall asleep with Vin Scully in her ear on the pillow,” show creator Chris Carter said in an interview. “I named (Gillian Anderson’s character) Scully after him. I’ve never been able to tell him that. I’m sure he knows now.”

So there you go, X-Philes (it’s true, that’s what they call themselves)…the truth is out there.

Sorry. Had to.

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