TV Show About First Female Major Leaguer Gets Pilot Order

Professional baseball might not be ready for a female player, but if Friday’s news is any indication…Hollywood just might be.

And its star, Kylie Bunbury, couldn’t be more excited.

According to Variety, FOX has ordered “Pitch” to pilot. Meaning…the hour-long drama, which follows a young pitcher who “defies the odds” when she becomes the first woman to play in the Majors, has been chosen from scores of others to go into production to see if it can find a place in FOX’s lineup.

“Pitch” is the third pilot this season for FOX, joining “Empire’ creator Lee Daniels’ music-themed drama and a time-travel comedy from the same guys who brought us “Last Man on Earth”.

Here’s hoping it fares a little better than its “women playing baseball” predecessor “A League of Their Own”. That sitcom (based on the movie of the same name) lasted only five episodes in 1993.

Shawn Anderson

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