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The Famous San Diego Chicken Makes his Return to Baseball Cards

When the Donruss baseball card company was in its infancy, someone (looking your way Andy Strasberg) had the brilliant idea of including trading cards of The Famous San Diego Chicken as part of the set.

Now, nearly two decades after Donruss pretty much gave up their piece of the baseball card pie and more than thirty years since he appeared as part of a set, the popular mascot has found his way to back to being on cardboard.

And the result is pretty awesome.

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Turns out, The Chicken (real name Ted Giannoulas) actually parted with one of his iconic game-worn costumes so that Panini America could include its feathery bits as part of its upcoming 2016 Donruss set. The Chicken’s red and yellow outfit was cut up and will appear on 234 different cards…each one with a different section of the costume.

Confused yet? Watch.

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