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Jeff Samardzija: Drake LaRoche “Wasn’t in the Way”

It’s the story that just won’t die.

Weeks ago, Adam LaRoche left Spring Training (and a $13 million contract) over whether or not his son Drake was welcome in the team’s clubhouse. The Chicago White Sox front office has since come out and said that players came to them and complained about the 14-year-old being around every day.

LaRoche’s former teammate Jeff Samardzija had nothing but praise for the Junior LaRoche.

“When I was there with them, little LaRochy was a pretty cool little dude, and he wasn’t in the way,” Samardzija said. “He worked his butt off, did a lot of clubbie work for free, if you ask me. And he got me a lot of ice cream and a lot of cokes. I even tipped him here and there to tell you the truth.

And as far as whether or not recently retired LaRoche’s teammates said anything to management…the righty thinks that is all just a bunch of baloney.

“Maybe something changed from the beginning of camp or maybe some feelings changed over the offseason when there was a chance to sit and think about it. I don’t know,” he said. “It’s just a tough situation because both sides were right. Just maybe it wasn’t handled in the best way possible.”

Any way you slice it…this story is not over.



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