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Jason Heyward Paid What for His Uniform Number?

When Jason Heyward signed with the Chicago Cubs, there was only one issue…his number (22) was already on the back of Addison Russell.

Now, they say fancy things are the way to a women’s heart and while I’m not sure who “they” are…I’m pretty sure the same can be said for 22-year-old middle infielders and their uniform numbers.

Heyward took part in an ESPN Twitter Q&A Wednesday and was asked this:

For the answer, “The J-Hey Kid” defaulted to Russell.

“He gave me a Gucci wallet and backpack. Also a Breitling watch,” Russell responded. “I’m good.”

Oh, and before you think the shortstop let Heyward off cheap, consider this…a Breitling watch can go for about as much as your car. Not too shabby.

Now dance.


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