For Sale at Wal-Mart: MLB Urns

Just when you think you’ve seen everything…Wal-Mart goes and does this.

giants urnThat’s right, for a mere $559.00, your cremated remains can live on forever inside an aluminum cookie jar adorned with the logo of your favorite Major League team. And while all 30 teams are available…they are (for some reason) priced differently.

red sox yankees urnBut wait…there’s more.

Baseball fans who don’t wish to be cremated can still be remembered as the biggest fan of their team by having their body laid out in an official MLB-licensed casket for all to see.

chicago cubs casketNow, I’m not sure what a regular casket costs, but my suggestion is that you can save yourself some money by simply saying you buried your loved one in an MLB casket, because, seriously, once it’s in the ground…who is going to know?

Shawn Anderson

About Shawn Anderson

Shawn Anderson is that guy who, instead of sitting there talking about the game going on around him, is talking wise about the history of baseball. He believes baseball figures such as Tommy John, Harold Baines, Ron Guidry and Billy Martin deserve their own plaque somewhere if not in Cooperstown. You can follow him on Twitter at @HOVG.