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Bull Durham is Heading to Broadway

Ask me what my favorite baseball movie is and, without missing a beat, I’m going to tell you “Bull Durham”.

Ask me what my favorite Broadway musical and, again, I’m going to say “Bull Durham”.

Hold on…that’s not right. Or is it?

According to Playbill, a stage adaptation of the 1988 movie appears to be Broadway-bound. Although nothing has been made official, the musical, which up until recently was playing in Atlanta, is looking at a spring 2017 debut and a $14 million pricetag.

Ron Shelton, the guy behind the minor league baseball-themed film “Bull Durham”, is also the lead scribe behind the musical version.

“The story has to be told through music and I just write the book,” Sheleton said. “I think (the labs) went extremely well and we’re getting indication that it’s moving forward.”

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