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Brooklyn Cyclones Set to Celebrate Full House

It’s that time of year again. The time where minor league teams do their annual reveal of special jersey nights and bobblehead giveaways.

The latest to trot out their wears…the Brooklyn Cyclones.

Here’s what they had to say:

Thousands of people across the country spent their week binge watching Netflix, and now they find themselves craving more “Fuller House.” Well fear not! The Brooklyn Cyclones are set to pay homage to the “City by the Bay,” and their most famous residents – The Tanner Family – this summer at MCU Park. The Full House Tribute Night will be held at MCU Park on Coney Island (The City by Sheepshead Bay) on Saturday, July 9th.

Included as part of the evening’s festivities…special jerseys, John Stamos bobbleheads and more in-game entertainment than you ever thought possible. Unfortunately, I’m guessing that by July 9 the excitement will have worn off.

Oh, and the gimmick has already been done.

Ugh. What’s next…a lazy river in centerfield at MCU Park?

Until then, here’s Frisco’s “Full Clubhouse” video for you to watch before Brooklyn unveils their own in four months.

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