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White Sox Sign Olympic Speed Skater

Two-sport athletes in baseball aren’t that uncommon.  But a speed skater-turned-baseball player?

Say what?!?

Wednesday, the Chicago White Sox announced that they had signed Olympic silver medalist Eddy Alvarez to a minor league deal.

Turns out, the 24-year-old was the quite the shortstop in high school.  And after missing the Olympics in 2010, he made a beeline to Salt Lake Community College where he became the team’s starting shortstop.  In 63 games, the 5-foot-9 shortstop hit .311 and helped lead the conference with 16 doubles and 46 RBI.

“I’ve never, ever been able to choose between baseball and skating, which is why I still juggle the two sports in my life,” Alvarez said prior to the Sochi Olympics.  “I plan to go back to baseball after this.  [Being an Olympic skater] was one of my goals…and the other one is to be a professional baseball player.”

Mission accomplished.

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