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Tim Lincecum Puts Arizona Home Up For Sale

Alright…exactly how many places does Tim Lincecum call home?  For the second time this year, the two-time Cy Young Award winner has a crib up for sale.

But as impressive as the pitcher’s “Fifty Shades of Grey” condo was, Lincecum’s 11,000 square foot mansion in Arizona is the thing stories should be written about.  The four bedroom, five and a half bath mansion is insane.

What are some of the amenities you ask?  Outside of being crazy big and, seemingly, in the middle of nowhere (it’s really in suburban Phoenix), Lincecum’s place is equipped with an indoor basketball court with a retractable batting cage, an indoor waterfall (there are two outside by the pool), spacious theater room, two bars and a television in the shower!

Oh, and how much will all this cost you?  “Big Time Timmy Jim” is only asking four million.

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