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Someone Stole Hunter Pence’s Scooter

Last year’s world champion Boston Red Sox grew beards as a show of camaraderie.  In San Francisco…they ride scooters.

Over the last couple of seasons, members of the Giants have paid clubhouse chef Joe Day to customize their rides to the personal specifications.  The two-wheeled rides have gotten so popular that when the team announced a Hunter Pence bobblehead night for earlier this season…he was perched atop his preferred mode of transportation.

And then…this happened.

This is no joke, people.  Following the Giants 8-1 victory over the Minnesota Twins Sunday night, someone actually swiped Pence’s black and orange scooter from Epic Roasthouse, less than a mile north of the park on The Embarcadero.

Someone better call Batkid!

Shawn Anderson

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