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Paul Molitor: A-Rod Doesn’t Belong in Hall of Fame

You can add Paul Molitor to the growing list of Hall of Famers speaking out against Alex Rodriguez.

The 2004 inductee was asked Sunday about the recent suspension doled out to the three-time MVP and, naturally, it went right tohether or not he belonged in Cooperstown.

“I know that there was not a positive drug test, but there was just cause. So, no, I don’t think he belongs (in the Hall of Fame)," Molitor told the Canadian Baseball Network.  “I don’t envy the job that the voters have. Regardless of where (Rodriguez’s) career was going, from the information I’ve been exposed to and from what I have read, I don’t think he will get in…but, hey, Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds get roughly 30% of the vote.”

Molitor's comments aren't all that surprising and, it would seem, fall right in line with the sentiments recently expressed by both Goose Gossage and one of the Hall's newest members, Frank Thomas.

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