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Manny Ramirez is Looking for Another Chance Again

I used to be one of the world's biggest Manny Ramirez apologists.  Now…dude just needs to give it up.

You guessed it, the embattled star is, again, looking for another chance at a Major League contract.  Again.

“Manny will always be able to hit,” the 12-time All-Star's personal hitting coach David Segui said last month. “He loves to play, so it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s still looking for something."

Monday, it was announced that Ramirez had inked a new agent.

Sure, it might not mean anything, but if it's an indication that the 41-year-old slugger is indeed looking to make it back to the bigs…ugh.

Ramirez hasn't faced big league pitching since April 2011 and since then, he's been banned for failing the league's drug policy a second time, was arrested and charged with domestic battery, played in 17 games for Oakland's top affiliate before asking for his release, played professionally in the Dominican Republic, played 49 games in Taiwan before asking out of his contract and, most recently, suited up for the Texas Rangers Triple-A team.

So…good luck?

Shawn Anderson

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