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Long Island Ducks: “We Didn’t Make an Offer” to A-Rod

Not long after the Alex Rodriguez decision was made Saturday, word hit the interwebs that the Long Island Ducks of the independent Atlantic League were interested in signing the three-time American League MVP.

However, that wasn't entirely the case.

"We didn't make an offer…we answered a question posed to us by Newsday", Ducks General Manager Mike Pfaff told The Hall of Very Good on Monday.  "In

response to their question as to whether or not we would be open to the

possibility of Rodriguez being a Duck, we simply replied that, yes, we would

be open to exploring the possibility in the event there was an interest."

Pfaff went into more detail during an interview with DC and the Pearl on Long Island-based Champions Radio and kept repeating the phrase "we would be open to exploring the possibility".

How that turned into an invitation from the Ducks…I have no idea.

Shawn Anderson

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