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Jonny Gomes Goes Beardless

Goodbye old, friend.

A week after Jonny Gomes showed off his new tattoo immortalizing his gigantic beard (and World Series championship), the outfielder did the unthinkable.

He shaved.  Gasp!

It took months to grow, and minutes to disappear.  Wednesday, during an appearance on "FOX & Friends", the 33-year-old allowed host Elisabeth Hasselbeck shave off his impressive chin curtain.  But, don't fret, it was for a good cause.  Gomes earned a cool $10,000 donation from Norelco for the Travis Roy Foundation…an organization established to help fund research and assist survivors of spinal cord injuries.

"Travis Roy, a pretty amazing story, where he's come from and where he is now, and the tragedies he's gone through," Gomes said prior to being shorn. "What I'm doing personally is trying to raise as much money as I can, and what we want to do is just buy like a fleet of wheelchairs, hand carts, and buggies."

Hopefully, now that the beard is gone, the "Duck Dynasty" references will cease.

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