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John Rocker Shows Up in Cooperstown… “Survivor” Up Next

Hall of Fame weekend brings out a ton of former big leaguers.  From Hall of Famers to Pete Rose…it’s a veritable smorgasbord of All-Stars from years past.

This year, however, is a little different.  Probably thinking there’s a way to cash in on the glut of Atlanta Braves fans making the trip north…there’s also John Rocker.  And, sure, it’d be easy to suspect that Rocker is in town to support his former teammates Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine and skipper Bobby Cox, but, it’s Rocker…and we know that’s not how dude operates.

Rocker (alongside another former Brave Ryan Klesko) was holding down his patch of sidewalk selling books, posing for pictures, signing autographs and, naturally, telling folks to “Speak English”.

john rocker

Oh…and there’s this.  Awesome?

Now, I bring up all of that to make the segue to this not as clunky.

According to reports, Rocker has taken a page out of Jeff Kent’s playbook and will be appearing on the upcoming season of the CBS show “Survivor San Juan del Sur Blood vs. Water”.  But, unlike Kent, the 39-year-old won’t be appearing by himself.  Along for the ride…his girlfriend Julie McGee.

The latest installment of “Survivor” kicks off Wednesday, September 24.  Tune in and see if Rocker can continue to keep it classy.

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