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John Axford’s Academy Awards Picks

John Axford is a self-proclaimed "film aficionado" and it isn't because of all the time he spends on the road watching movies.

Turns out, the newly minted Cleveland Indians closer has a film degree from Notre Dame so, yeah…dude might know a thing or two.

Last year, prior to the Academy Awards, Axford hit the Twitters and predicted the winners in 15 categories.  And how'd he do?  The mustached righty missed only one…having picked Steven Spielberg to pick up the Best Director prize instead of eventual winner Ang Lee.

Well, guess what, gang?  Axford is back and, once again, making his picks known…but this time, he's added more categories..

So there you have it…Axford's annual Academy Awars picks.  Make sure you check back later (or follow the man himself) and see how he did.