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Jeff Francoeur is an “Idiot”

Clubhouse pranks are as much of a part of baseball as peanuts and Cracker Jack and as far as this one goes…it’s a winner.

Late in Spring Training, veteran Jeff Francoeur was released by the Cleveland Indians and, just days later, signed by the San Diego Padres and assigned to the team’s Triple-A affiliate in El Paso.  Up until recently, the outfielder’s teammates had him convinced that reliever Jorge Reyes was deaf.

Thankfully, the team’s first baseman Cody Decker was there to document the whole thing.

But, the joke might be on the rest of the Chihuahuas.  You see, Francoeur won a Gold Glove in 2007, appeared in the 2010 World Series and has collected a cool $25 million during his nine years in the bigs.

Who’s laughing now?

(h/t @Decker6)

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