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Marlins Infielder is a Little, Um…Awkward

Remember the awkward photos of Andy Pettitte and his family's recent trip to Hawaii?

Turns out, the former New York Yankees great getting lei'd (sorry, gang) and hanging out with parrots has nothing on Miami Marlins infielder Ed Lucas…and the teammates of the 31-year-old journeyman wants to make sure he knows it.

Say what?

A number of years ago, this picture popped up on the popular website Awkward Family Photos.

Last week, it made it's way to Jupiter, Florida and into the Marlins clubhouse.

Ed Lucas Awkward Family photo

Yup, you guessed it, that kid on the right rocking the short sleeves and tie is none other than Lucas…and pitchers Tom Koehler and Steve Cishek wanted no more than to immortalize the snapshot for all eternity.

On t-shirts.

"It's been out on the Internet for five years or something. They found it during fantasy football season," Lucas said about the picture and its recent discovery.  "The photographer was trying to adjust the lighting and said, 'Hold still for a second.'  He starts snapping and we're all waiting. He ended up giving us the B-roll and my sister submitted it to that site and it got all popular. It's at Wal-Mart. It's on greeting cards."

Something tells me, Dad is still not amused.

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