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Chipper Jones Supports 19-Year-Old Hunter

Man, some people simply do not like Kendall Jones.

Don’t know who Kendall Jones is?  She’s the 19-year-old who, in the past couple of days has ignited a firestorm with some pictures she posted online of her recent trip to Africa.

And, no, these aren’t your garden variety vacation pictures.  You see, the Texas Tech cheerleader is also a hunter and these are pictures of her with some of her kills.  But why all the outrage?  Is it the menagerie of endangered species she posing with like she just won them at the county fair?

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Perhaps it’s the big toothy grin she’s flashing as she poses with the exotic animal she just murdered conserved?  Or maybe that’s it…that she’s hunting under the guise of conservation.

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Now, I’m too dumb and lazy to have an opinion, but whatever the reason, don’t worry, gang…Chipper Jones is there to protect her.

The former National League MVP took to the Twitters Wednesday and posted his support for his fellow hunter.

It’s adorable that Chipper is supporting Kendall, but outside of, what I’m sure includes lifetime admittance into the Double Dime Ranch…do you really want the Atlanta Braves legend taking up for your cause?

It wasn’t that long ago that Chipper voiced his support for former Rutgers basketball coach Mike Rice and went public with his thoughts on the Kennedy assassination conspiracy.  Oh, and what about that time he suggested alligators in the Rio Grande would stop illegal immigration.

Also joining Chipper in his support of Kendall…former All-Star and member of the 1989 San Francisco Giants Mike LaCoss. The pitcher recently hit YouTube to show his support for the young hunter.

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