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Brian Wilson Has Awesome Shoes

The Los Angeles Dodgers looked pretty good in Sydney, Australia, during their regular season opener sweeping their divisional foes, the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Brian Wilson, signed late last season by the team, looked pretty good himself, striking out two in his lone inning of work.  But, almost equally as impressive as dude’s 2014 mound debut (download it here)…his kicks.

Yup, those Dodger blue babies were hand painted and include some of Australia’s most notable images…koala bears and kangaroos.

Oh…and “Sir Elton”.

And just who is “Sir Elton”?  More like a what.  That’s the name the “Bearded One” has given his latest pitch…the knuckleball he’s been puzzling batters with this spring.

But this isn’t the first time Wilson, or, more specifically, his shoes, have gotten press.

Long before the gnome-like beard, talk show antics and two World Series rings, the righty was fined for his flashy footwear.  You might remember, it was July 2010 and when then-Florida Marlins manager Edwin Rodriguez complained that Wilson’s bright orange cleats were “a little too bright, too flashy”.

Even though he wasn’t really breaking any rules, Major League Baseball fined the reliever $1,000 citing that his cleats need to more than 50 percent of the team’s dominant color…in this case black.

Wilson broke out a black marker and voila…”Nike Air Sharpies”.

“I’m going to keep wearing them, but I’ve changed them to 50 percent black for the guidelines, and you guys can attest to that,” Wilson told reporters at the time. “I’ve got pretty good eyes. I can eyeball 50 percent.”

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