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Another Day, Another Horrible Harry Caray Impression

For some reason (and, let’s be honest…it’s probably Will Ferrell’s fault), Major League Baseball players love to imitate Harry Caray.

Seriously, it’s as if anyone with oversized black glasses thinks they have an open invitation to try and sound like the legendary Chicago Cubs broadcaster.  And, mostly, they come across as hackneyed copies of the impersonation the “Anchorman” star made popular years ago.

Yeah…I’m looking your way Derek Holland, Ryan Dempster and Elliott Johnson.

The latest offender is Baltimore Orioles reliever T.J. McFarland. Sure, the Palos Hills, Illinois native grew up less than 30 miles from Wrigley Field, but, c’mon…dude was nine years old when Caray died and I’m pretty sure he didn’t start his impression until it hit the “Saturday Night Live” re-runs on E!.

Can we please put an end to these? I’d be more than willing to be first person to organize an Ice Bucket-like challenge to rid the world of terrible impressions of Harry Caray.

Shawn Anderson

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