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Adam Dunn’s Playoff Drought Might be Ending

Adam Dunn has appeared in more games (1976) without reaching the postseason than any active player, but if the rumors are true…this might be coming to an end.

According to reports, both the Oakland A’s and San Francisco Giants exploring how to bring the slugger into the fold for their upcoming playoff push. Pretty good news considering the 34-year-old is considering retirement following this season. But, in order for this to become a reality, Dunn is going to need to be shipped by the Chicago White Sox to the Bay Area Sunday since any player acquired September 1 or later is not eligible for postseason play.

In case you were wondering (and you weren’t), after Dunn, Alex Rios has played in the most games (1580) without appearing in the postseason.

But back to Dunn.  The “Big Donkey”, who is currently in the last year of his four-year, $56 million contract, is in the midst of a pretty Adam Dunn-like season…hitting .220 with 20 home runs and 131 strikeouts.

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