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A-Rod and Friends Hit the Town

Oh, look, it's Alex Rodriguez and some of his bros just, you know, hanging out at Jay-Z concert Thursday.

Yup, that's right.  The embattled New York Yankees star made an appearance at the BB&T Center along with some of his Miami mates, fellow big leaguers Manny Machado of the Baltimore Orioles and Yonder Alonso of the San Diego Padres.  But, to me, something just looks off. 

I'm not saying he wasn't hanging out with the guys, clearly he was…there's a picture to prove it!  But, to me, it looks like he just happened to be in the vicinity when the other guys were snapping a picture.  Honestly, outside of their profession what would A-Rod, who is 38, be doing hitting the scene with guys more than a dozen years his junior?

But back to that picture. 

No, I'm not saying it was Photoshopped (I know it wasn't), but remember that time Carrot Top was out partying with Manny Machado and Yonder Alonso? Good times, right?!?

Shawn Anderson

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