WWE Superstar Challenges Josh Reddick to Beard Off

Something tells me Oakland A's outfielder Josh Reddick was in his glory Tuesday after WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan called him out on Twitter.

Naturally, Reddick, a huge WWE fan (he's actually been known to use Bryan's theme as his walk up music) jumped at the opportunity to enter this foray to display follicle fortitude.  Oh, and about that fan vote.  Reddick is at a huge disadvantage.

The outfielder has 35,000 followers on Twitter.  The Tag Team champ?  Close to 580,000.

"I'm already hearing trash talk from his fans," Reddick said of the challenge"He has a bit of a head start…here's hoping I'm a fast grower."

Reddick showed up at the team's FanFest in January with a full beard he started growing in November.  Bryan has been growing his for close to a year.

More like a "beard on".  Am I right?