Pete Rose Comes Clean

Baseball legend Pete Rose has signed a lot of autographs. 

A.  Lot.

This past weekend, the hit king took a break from his Las Vegas gig to sign for fans at the National Sports Collectors Convention in Chicago.  And what does it cost to get the should be Hall of Famer to write his name for you you ask?  At least $80.

I only bring that up to bring you this. 

Years ago, Rose made headlines (and, probably, a mint) when he started signing "I'm Sorry I Bet on Baseball" for people.  Now, I don't know if he signed any of those in Chicago, but nothing can compare to this gem.

Yes, that's Pete Rose apologizing for breaking up the Beatles…and the ball can be yours if you head on over to eBay.

Feel free to buy it for me.

(h/t Darren Viola)

Shawn Anderson

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