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Kolten Wong Apologizes to Cardinal Nation

Just when you thought a World Series couldn't get any stranger, right?

Fresh off the heels of the obstruction call that won the St. Louis Cardinals Game Three, the Boston Red Sox were able to get the stars to align in their favor to win Game Four…in the form of a game-ending pick off pick off at first base.

No doubt you've seen the replay, but in case you didn't…here's the skinny.  Cardinals skipper Mike Matheny subbed out Allen Craig with Kolten Wong.  With two outs and Carlos Beltran at the dish, Red Sox closer Koji Uehara caught Wong leaning, fired the ball over to Mike Napoli and, well, that was all she wrote.

“I knew I was dead once I went to plant and push off and I felt nothing go,” the rookie second baseman said following the game.  “My foot slipped out and I was done.”

The teary-eyed Wong stood by his locker and answered the media for, what I'm sure, felt like a lifetime.  But, when he was done with that…he did what every 23-year-old would do.  He hit Twitter.

Pretty classy move from a guy who, if you read Twitter at all Sunday night, was the victim of countless personal attacks from baseball's self-proclaimed "greatest fans".  Curious what I'm referencing?  Do yourself a solid and search for the vitriol yourself…you'll be amazed at the amount of hate being spewed at this kid.

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