Jose Fernandez: Rookie Pitcher, Bird Lover

The Miami Marlins haven't had that many bright moments so far this season.

And while it doesn't appear any more will materialize soon, it's safe to say that rookie pitcher Jose Fernandez with his 4-3 record and 3.11 ERA is one of the few things fans of the fish can be pleased with.

Oh, as it turns out…the 20-year-old pitcher is, apparently, also a bird lover.

You see, prior to his start Saturday night, Fernandez was getting ready to make the march to the field prior when he crossed paths with a bird.  And, unlike, some of the other birds we've seen cross paths with hard throwing pitchers (looking your way bird that got destroyed by Randy Johnson), this one had a better outcome.

Fernandez ushered the little fella to safety.

Coincidentally, the team the righty was getting ready to face…the St. Louis Cardinals.  And, suffice it to say, the "bird whisperer" put the redbirds to sleep, giving up just two earned runs in seven innings while striking out ten.

Shawn Anderson

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