Jose Canseco to Suit Up Against Brother

Unable to get permission from his daughter to box basketball behemoth Shaquille O'Neal, embattled former big leaguer Jose Canseco is preparing to take on someone his own size.

His twin brother Ozzie.

That's right, the 1988 (yes, it really was 25 years ago) American League MVP will be in uniform as a player/coach for the United League's Fort Worth Cats when they kick off their season Thursday against Ozzie Canseco's Edinburg Roadrunners.

“I am excited to come to Fort Worth and mentor the young ballplayers,” the 48-year-old Canseco said. “I love Dallas/Fort Worth and I can’t wait to go up against Ozzie.”

Publicity stunt?  Sure.  But when all you have going for you is dollar dog nights and "Thirsty Thursdays", getting Jose Canseco to agree to potentially humiliate himself…heck, the tickets practically sell themselves!

Shawn Anderson

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