Jose Canseco’s Passport Up For Grabs

Ever found yourself wondering "if only I could get my hands on Jose Canseco's passport?"  Of course you haven't.  No one has.

But, here's the rub…you can own it.  If you've got enough money of course.

Sure, I have no clue who is selling the former American League MVP's passport on eBay (nor do I know why anyone would pay $8000 for it), but I know this…apparently it is legit.  How legit?  The thing comes with a certificate of authenticity.

So, if you're looking for that perfect Christmas gift for the guy who has everything…keep looking.

Shawn Anderson

About Shawn Anderson

Shawn Anderson is that guy who, instead of sitting there talking about the game going on around him, is talking wise about the history of baseball. He believes baseball figures such as Tommy John, Harold Baines, Ron Guidry and Billy Martin deserve their own plaque somewhere if not in Cooperstown. You can follow him on Twitter at @HOVG.