Jose Canseco Passed his Polygraph

Dodging rape allegations, passing a polygraph test and winning a home run derby?  Sounds like a perfect Saturday for Jose Canseco.

Earlier in the week, former Major Leaguer was faced with rape allegations.  Now, in Dallas to take part in a publicity stunt for the Fort Worth Cats, Canseco opted to take a polygraph test to prove his innocence.  Flanked by his right hand man Jose Melendez, the 48-year-old held an impromptu press conference for the four reporters that showed up to listen to the embattled slugger.

"I am in shock any woman would say that I raped her," Canseco told the media throng.  "I am completely innocent of this charge."

Senior Polygraph Examiner, Skip Ensley, of Dallas Polygraph Services administered the three-hour test and reported Canseco is telling the truth.

"There was no deception indicated." Ensley said. "One of the cleanest I've seen, been doing this since 1982. It's a pleasure to clear someone of false allegations."

Hours later, Canseco hit the field for the Cats and between their doubleheader against the Edinburg Roadrunners, took part in a home run derby.  Suffice it to say (spoiler alert…I already mentioned this in the lede), Canseco won the derby and capped off the evening with a solo shot in game two.

Shawn Anderson

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