Jose Canseco Claims He Was Accused of Rape

Sometimes, I lie awake at night wondering.  I wonder about a simpler time with no Twitter, Facebook…nothing. 

Then, well, then Jose Canseco goes on social media crusade to clear his name.

Wednesday, Canseco hit the Twittersphere claiming he's been accused of rape.  Now, I'm not trying to make light of the situation, because, however this plays out, it's a pretty terrible ordeal for all involved.  But, here are the series of tweets (that have since been deleted) that started the firestorm.

After deleting the series of tweets, Canseco has since posted a picture of his alleged accuser (apparently she is affiliated with a Gold's Gym is surbuban Las Vegas), her phone number and even offered to take a polygraph test on live television.  He has since removed both the pictures of the accuser and references to the her phone number.

An offer that, who knows, CBS affiliate KLAS in Las Vegas might be interested in taking him up on.

This should all make for an interesting week in Fort Worth, Texas where the 48-year-old slugger is set to suit up for the United League Fort Worth Cats.

"We have no comment at this time until we learn the facts," Nathan Dwelle, public relations director for the Cats told The Hall exclusively.  "However, we have word that he is on his way to Fort Worth and will be in uniform tomorrow night in the Cats season opener at LaGrave Field."

More to follow I'm sure.

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