Friday 5: Robert Flores

If you've ever watched ESPN SportsCenter (and sometime Baseball Tonight) anchor Robert Flores, you know he has an affinity for professional wrestling.

So, with WrestleMania 29 this Sunday, I had to ask the super fan…what five baseball players (past or present) would he like to see in the squared circle.  And in case you think the mixing of baseball and wrestling is a stretch, Flores does have a baseball bat autographed by the "Nature Boy" himself, Ric Flair.


Tale of the Tape:  6’3”  215 lbs.

Hails from:  Pontiac, Michigan

Qualifications:  General badass who once skipped his son’s graduation because “you’re supposed to graduate” and banned cell phones from the clubhouse.



Tale of the Tape:  6’4”  240 lbs.

Hails from:  La Habana, Cuba

Qualifications:  As a "boxer", lost a fight with 5’9” former kick returner Vai Sikahema, fought former child actor Danny Bonaduce to a draw and lost a fight in the first round against 7’2” kickboxer Choi Hong-man. 

*-Regardless what Baseball-Reference says, no one ever called Canseco ‘The Chemist”



Tale of the Tape:  6’3”  235 lbs.

Hails from:  Bridgehampton, New York

Qualifications:  Once battled former Chicago Cubs catcher Michael Barrett.  Has made several television appearances on both TNA Impact! and WWE Raw.  In 2006, challenged John Cena to a steel cage match.



Tale of the Tape:  6’1”  220lbs.

Hails from:  Chicago, Illinois

Qualifications:  Reportedly used to train for games at his local dog park wearing nothing but a wrestling singlet.  May or may not be (probably isn’t) true at all.



Tale of the Tape:  6’2”  215 lbs.

Hails from:  Baltimore, Maryland

Qualifications:  In 1945, Ruth was offered a gig as a wrestling referee.  Outside of that, you’ve seen the guy, right?  In his prime, he was bigger than anyone else out there.


Shawn Anderson

About Shawn Anderson

Shawn is that guy who instead of sitting there talking about the game going on around him is talking wise about the history of baseball. He believes baseball figures such as Tommy John, Harold Baines, Ron Guidry and Billy Martin deserve their own plaque somewhere if not in Cooperstown and fondly remembers the time he saw Rickey Henderson walking into a hotel with a woman on each arm following a Yankees game. You can follow him on Twitter at @HOVG.