Bryce Harper Looking to Get “as Big as a House”

It's pretty safe to say that Bryce Harper had a pretty grueling second season in the bigs.  But, now that it's over, the 20-year-old has one thing on his mind.


“I’m just going to settle down and lay on my couch and hang out with my dog,” the Washington Nationals wunderkind said.  "I just want to take that month off and clear my head and not worry about anything."

After that, according to the Washington Post, Harper plans to start working out and show up to Spring Training “as big as a house".  But until then…it's hanging out in Las Vegas with his family, girlfriend and, of course, his aforementioned dog.

Now, I'm not sure how big the Sin City slugger is planning on getting, but I can't help but wonder how added weight and muscle would affect his left knee.  You know, the one that caused the outfielder to miss a quarter of the season.

In addition to the bum knee, Harper also spent time on the bench due to running into walls and, believe it or not, a hang nail.  But, despite the injuries, dude still managed to put together an impressive sophomore season, hitting .274 with 20 home runs in 118 games. 

Shawn Anderson

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