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Barry Bonds Drops Asking Price on Mansion

Baseball's all-time home run has dropped the asking price on his Beverly Hills mansion by a whopping $1.5 million. 

Which means, Barry Bonds is now asking, I hope you're sitting down, just $23.5 million for his gigantic crib.

According to, Bonds began shopping the massive 17,100-square-foot mansion back in January. He had originally hoped to bank a cool $25 million (he bought the place for $8.7 million back in 2002), but, after eleven months on the market…decided to reduce the price.

The swanky pad, located at 44 Beverly Park Circle, "perfectly unites Old World Tuscan charm with elegant modernity" with its seven bedrooms, thirteen bathrooms and "smart home" technology.

In terms of amenities, the compound features custom fish tanks, a music room, a wine room, a full gym, a steam shower, an elevator and a giant movie theater sporting hand-painted Trompe L’oeil murals.  Outside, you've got a swimming pool, a sunken basketball court, a guest house and a six-car garage.

You can check out (and I suggest you do) pictures of the Bonds estate HERE.

Now, speaking of pictures.  Have you seen the seven-time MVP recently?

Last month, the former slugger was snapped, posing with, what looks like some high school volleyball players and dude is much, much thinner.  Sure, it's been documented that's been into cycling lately, but, man…Bonds is a fraction of the size he was when we last saw him on the field for the San Francisco Giants.

I'll leave the steroid jokes up to the peanut gallery, but the guy is looking pretty good for almost being 50.

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