pablo sandoval

Pablo Sandoval Reaches Out to the Boston Shoveler

If there’s any doubt as to whether or not Pablo Sandoval is going to be a fan favorite in Boston…your questions have been answered. First, some backstory. Earlier this week, after BeanTown was buried under more than two feet of snow(!), someone went out of their way Tuesday to clear off the finish line of […]

ernie banks

Chicago Skyline Lit Up For Ernie Banks

When news spread across the country Friday that Ernie Banks had died, it’s safe to assume that everyone became (even if only for a night) a Chicago Cubs fan. Now, “Mr. Cub” is being remembered by the Blue Cross Blue Shield Tower as part of the Chicago skyline. Friday, a public visitation will be held […]

ryan braun

Ryan Braun Joins Couple’s Wedding Pictures

If Ryan Braun is supposed to be a jerk, you’re going to have a hard time convincing Jesse and Janice Anderson. The newly married couple was taking pictures outside their wedding reception at a hotel in downtown Milwaukee Saturday when the Brewers slugger crossed their paths. “All of the sudden I saw that it was […]


San Francisco’s Batkid is Heading to the Big Screen

Fifteen months ago, Batkid took over all the medias (social and otherwise) and five-year-old Miles Scott became everyone’s favorite crime fighter when he saved San Francisco Giants mascot Lou Seal (among others) from Gotham city’s worst offenders. Soon, the story of the then-kindergartner (whose leukemia has since gone into remission) will be made into a […]

ernie banks

Wisdom and Links: Tribute to Ernie Banks

Ernie Banks, as you no doubt heard, passed away this week at the age of 83. Still the leader in many categories for the Chicago Cubs, Banks was one of the most beloved players in baseball history. So it’s not surprising that some great articles and stories about “Mr. Cub” came out upon his tragic […]

jim edmonds

Jim Edmonds to Join Cast of The Real Housewives?

Confession time. I was fine with John Rocker competing on “Survivor: San Juan del Sur – Blood vs. Water” this past September. I actually, kinda wanted to see the onetime Atlanta Braves closer stick around longer than he did. I’m even okay with Johnny Damon taking his turn vying for Donald’s Trump’s attention on “Celebrity […]

National Passed Time

National Passed Time: Mr. Cub

When Ernie Banks stepped to the plate on September 17, 1953 in the fifth inning against the Philadelphia Phillies, he made Chicago Cubs history as the franchise’s first black player. But Banks’ history-making career had just begun. At native of Dallas, Texas, who grew up with 11 brothers and sisters, Banks made his professional baseball […]

ernie banks

Social Media Mourns the Loss of Mr. Cub

Friday night will be one of those weird nights where baseball fans will remember where they were when they heard Ernie Banks died and, because it is 2015, they raced to social media to talk about it. At various times throughout the night, several search terms and hashtags associated with the Chicago Cubs legend were […]

ichiro suzuki

Ichiro to End Up in South Beach?

It’s not a huge signing, but all signs are pointing to Ichiro Suzuki heading to South Beach to the tune of $2 million for one year and playing for the Miami Marlins. But anytime a former MVP and ten-time All-Star is rumored to be switching teams…that’s enough to make a little splash. Currently, Ichiro and […]

National Passed Time

National Passed Time: Harry Brecheen

Madison Bumgarner’s masterful World Series performance placed him on a very short list: pitchers who have won three games in a World Series.  Only fourteen men have accomplished the feat, dating back to Bill Dineen’s effort in the first Series. Bumgarner also added himself to an even more elite Fall Classic group as a southpaw, […]

deflate cancer

Minor League Team to Hold #DeflateCancer Night

Minor league baseball teams have a habit of doing things like this.  They’ll take a scandal or news story that occurs during the off season and create a themed night around it.  Listen, just because it is in the headlines in January…that doesn’t make it a viable promotion during the baseball season. Looking your way, […]

50 cent

Ceremonial First Pitches Get Their Own Card Set

As if bad first pitches needed any more publicity…there’s this. Topps has announced they’re including a 15-card set of ceremonial first pitches (both good and bad) as part of their upcoming 2015 set. No, really. Among the chosen…Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder (decked out in Chicago Cubs gear), Academy Award winning actor and Los Angeles […]

oscar taveras

Cardinals Set to Honor Fallen Teammate

Both the NBA and NFL have rules in place and players can be subjected to fines should they decide willy-nilly to change their uniform number. Now, I’m not sure if such a penalty is in place in Major League Baseball, but I’m pretty sure Carlos Martinez would pay it. You see, the St. Louis Cardinals […]

wallet card

Wallet Card: Style Undies

One of the coolest thing about old buildings are the vintage ads painted on the sides – they are almost always many decades out of date, making them a nice little time capsule. This one on West 36th street, near 6th Avenue, always makes me laugh because of the name all the way at the […]