jim henderson

Brewers Bobbleheads Show Up…Closer Still MIA

By now, you’ve heard about the nightmare that is the saga of the 15,000 misspelled Troy Tulowitzki jerseys that led the Colorado Rockies had to cancel Saturday’s giveaway, right? Well…the Milwaukee Brewers were almost in a similar bind. As of late Saturday night, the team had yet to receive the Jim Henderson bobbleheads they were […]

john rocker2

John Rocker Shows Up in Cooperstown… “Survivor” Up Next

Hall of Fame weekend brings out a ton of former big leaguers.  From Hall of Famers to Pete Rose…it’s a veritable smorgasbord of All-Stars from years past. This year, however, is a little different.  Probably thinking there’s a way to cash in on the glut of Atlanta Braves fans making the trip north…there’s also John […]

birmingham barons

Benches Clear Twice During Minor League Game

Things got a little out of hand Friday night between the Double-A affiliates of the Chicago White Sox and Miami Marlins. Up 5-1 in the ninth inning, Birmingham Barons infielder Jeremy Farrell crossed homeplate and bumped into Jacksonville Suns pitcher Matt Ramsey, who was backing up the play.  According to Suns manager Andy Barkett, it […]

zack greinke

Zack Greinke Makes History (Again)

When striking out the side just isn’t enough to get you out of an inning, you do what Zack Greinke did Friday night…you strike out a fourth batter. In the third inning of their win over the San Francisco Giants, the Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher struck out Hector Sanchez, Tim Lincecum, Hunter Pence and Gregor […]

barry bonds

Barry Bonds Turns 50

Thursday, home run king Barry Bonds turned 50. And, that night, the seven-time National League MVP celebrated the milestone with friends and family. Joining the recently slimmed down slugger…Rich Aurilia (who played with Bonds from 1995-2003 and in 2007), his son Nikolai and Randy Winn (2005-2007), my guess is that Jeff Kent skipped the affair. […]

josie canseco

Like Her Dad, Josie Canseco Loves Social Media

Confession time.  I’m like a lot of you…I’ve poked some fun at Jose Canseco online.  But, as time has passed, I’ve come to realize something. Unlike a number of former big leaguers out there on the Twitters (looking your way John Rocker and Chipper Jones), I think the former American League MVP actually gets it.  I mean, dude […]

randy johnson

Looking Ahead to The Hall of Fame Class of 2015

What’s interesting about the Hall of Fame Class of 2015 is the same thing that got us excited about the Class of 2014…there are some definite no-brainers, shoe-ins if you will. Truth is, I don’t know if the Hall of Fame has had back-to-back-to-back years (yup, already looking your way, 2016!) with so many quality, […]

george brett

A Look Back at July 24, 1983

In 1955, team owners were in a bind…they were losing too much money on baseballs that were stained and smudged with the pine tar being used on bats. To combat that loss, baseball implemented a rule…MLB Rule 1.10(c). It was a simple one really. Basically, you can treat your bat with anything to help “improve […]

chuck knoblauch 2

Former All-Star Charged with Assault

Chuck Knoblauch was arrested Wednesday night…accused of assaulting his ex-wife. The former Major Leaguer was charged with misdemeanor assault on a family member after allegedly grabbing his ex-wife Cheri by the arm, smashing her head into a wall and throwing a humidifier at her before she ran from the room.  According to police, Cheri had a large bruise […]


This A-Rod Parody Wins the Internet

To coincide with Derek Jeter’s final All-Star Game appearance, Nike put out a pretty cool spot honoring the New York Yankees captain. And, as is customary…here come the parodies.  First out of the gate (and honestly, it should be the last) is this nearly spot on “tribute” to Jeter’s former teammate Alex Rodriguez from Funny […]

San Diego Chicken Official

Talkin’ Baseball with The San Diego Chicken – Part Two

When we last left our friend Ted Giannoulas (aka The San Diego Chicken), he was on top of the world because for one night he was the highest paid athlete on the globe. The future is looking pretty bright for our flexible, tri-colored friend.  If you are wondering what else there could possibly be for […]

San Diego Chicken Official

Talkin’ Baseball with The San Diego Chicken – Part One

This marks a very big first for The Hall of Very Good.  You are about to embark on a two part interview with our first ever celebrity inductee, Ted Giannoulas.  Of course, you probably know him better as his alter ego, The San Diego Chicken. The San Diego Chicken has been a staple of Major […]

San Diego Chicken Official

What They’re Saying About The San Diego Chicken

It’s been 35 years since the 2014 celebrity inductee The San Diego Chicken was “hatched” in front of more than 47,00 fans.  Today, he’s as beloved as he was in front of that initial crowd at Jack Murphy Stadium. Former San Diego Padres pitcher John D’Acquisto;  “I can remember that The San Diego Chicken was […]

San Diego Chicken Official

The Baseball Cards of The San Diego Chicken

The Hall of Very Good’s inaugural celebrity inductee was “hatched” in front of more than 47,000 fans in 1979.  A couple years later, he made his way on to baseball cards. The San Diego Chicken appears on a card in four separate Donruss sets with an actual offer on the back of the card where […]