barry bonds

Nikolai Bonds: Fans Treated My Dad “Like He Was a Convict”

After spending much of the second half of the season in second place, chasing the Los Angeles Dodgers, the San Francisco Giants are in the World Series. More surprising than the Giants playing this deep in October for the third time in five years is this…Barry Bonds, who recently underwent hip surgery, was on the […]

andrew friedman

Adding Andrew Friedman Gives Dodgers A New Direction

Adding Andrew Friedman Gives Dodgers A New Direction by Mark Stevens The Los Angeles Dodgers have been spending money like crazy over the last few years, but it has not translated to a lot of success in the postseason. Meanwhile, they see their rivals in San Francisco closing in on another World Series appearance in the […]

travis ishikawa

Travis Ishikawa Fortunate Fan Caught Home Run Ball

Travis Ishikawa made history Thursday night when he sent the San Francisco Giants to the World Series courtesy of a walk off home run. The man on the receiving end…Oakdale, California transmission repairman Frank Burke who, immediately following the game, gave the home run ball back to Ishikawa. “I believe in karma,” Burke told The […]

kansas city royals

Kansas City Royals Fans Sure Are Loud

This is pretty cool. I don’t know why someone would be recording outside Kauffman Stadium…but I am so glad they were. Now, as awesome as this video is (and it is)…I only wish there was video from INSIDE the stadium so we can see what everyone was cheering about!  By comparison, here’s the current view […]

sammy sosa

Sammy Sosa is Looking Different Again. Again

It must be that time of year…famed creature of the night Nosferatu Sammy Sosa has emerged from his crypt and made a public appearance. The 1998 National League MVP was in Panama recently, hanging out with legendary boxer Roberto Duran and, once again, looked a few shades lighter than he did during his playing days. […]

clay buchholz

Clay Buchholz’s Wife: “This is a Terrible Crime”

Late Monday, naked pictures of Clay Buchholz’s wife Lindsay Clubine hit the internets. The photos reportedly were the result of a hack of the Boston Red Sox pitcher’s phone. A day later, she hit the Twitters to explain the situation. A woman should be able to send her husband pics of herself with out fear […]

mike napoli

Mike Napoli to Have Facial Reconstruction Surgery

Plenty of big leaguers will have surgeries this off season to fix the little things that ail them. Happens every year. Mike Napoli is one of those guys. But here’s the thing, the Boston Red Sox first baseman has been dealing with finger, toe and back issues, but that’s not what he’s getting checked out. […]

baltimore orioles

Wisdom and Links: Why the Orioles Totally Still Have a Chance

It does not look good for the “Baltimore Nine” these days. The score is two to nothing, with perhaps just two games left to play. At least, there’s only two games to play if they don’t win soon. And, well, that doesn’t look easy, since the Kansas City Royals have apparently cracked into the dark […]

john rocker

John Rocker on Survivor: “It Was Miserable”

As you’re fully aware, the John Rocker experiment ended Wednesday night when the former big leaguer was booted off “Survivor: San Juan del Sur”. But I’ve gotta hand it to the guy. Dude made the rounds Thursday, seemingly hitting all his post-show interviews. And folks had a ton of questions to throw his way…both about […]

john rocker

The Rocker Report: Week Three

Hit the showers.When it comes to the game of “Survivor”, there is little to no room for sympathy. The essence of the game, at it’s very core, is ruthless, cutthroat, dog eat dog warfare. That said, I do have to admit that an ever so teeny part of me feels kind of bad for John […]

katie nolan

New Yorkers Take The ALCS Challenge

Katie Nolan from FOX Sports is quickly becoming one of my favorite personalities and her contribution to the interwebs Friday is one of the reasons why. Prior to Game One of the American League Championship Series between the Kansas City Royals and Baltimore Orioles, she took to the streets and asked New Yorkers to take […]

kansas city royals

Wisdom and Links: LCS Preview Edition

A Special “Wisdom and Links” today from on the upcoming League Championship Series that focuses on who will win the ALCS and NLCS based on things that have nothing to do with baseball. For example: Who would win in a fight? To be sure, one would expect a Giant to easily squash a Cardinal, but […]

yasiel puig

Are the Cubs Interested in Yasiel Puig?

It would appear the hot stove is already burning. After calling up Javier Baez and Jorge Soler late in the season and with super prospect Kris Bryant waiting in the wings, the Chicago Cubs have all of a sudden become the sexy team to bet on to be playing in October the next couple of […]