Luis Tiant Official

The Baseball Cards of Luis Tiant

Without baseball cards, would baseball fans throughout the States might not know the majesty that was Luis Tiant’s signature Fu Manchu mustache?  It’s tough to say. But, thankfully…the majesty of Tiant’s lip sweater translates wonderfully to cardboard. Tiant has a nice rookie card, from 1965 Topps, featuring a unique “grip” photo. In 1967, Topps issued […]

Luis Tiant Official

Josh Wilker on Luis Tiant

Carl Yastrzemski had heard cheers before. Just five years earlier, he’d led the Red Sox to a miracle pennant, setting his previously moribund home ballpark ablaze, but this new sound was different. Deeper, fuller, more intimate, more human, more alive. In 1972, Fenway Park turned into one gigantic heart, thumping out a pulse in the […]

Luis Tiant Official

Dan Epstein on Luis Tiant

No one who saw Luis Tiant pitch will ever forget him. Man of a hundred windups, and a “good lookeeng sonafabeech” by his own estimation, ““El Tiante”” was one of the most charismatic players of his era — and with the possible exception of Mark “The Bird” Fidrych, no pitcher of the 1970s was more […]

Luis Tiant Official

What They’re Saying About Luis Tiant

Should-be Hall of Famer Luis Tiant was on the shortlist to join Tommy John as part of The Hall of Very Good’s inaugural class two years ago, so including him this year was a no-brainer. Getting people to talk about his induction was even easier. Cardboard Gods author Josh Wilker:  “Luis Tiant was among the […]

HOVG Official

The Hall of Very Good™ Adds Three

The Hall of Very Good™ is proud to open its proverbial doors to three new members…Boston Red Sox fan favorite Luis Tiant, Minnesota Twins legend Tony Oliva and, for the first time, The Hall’s inaugural celebrity inductee, The San Diego Chicken. “Thank you to The Hall of Very Good™ for inducting me into the class […]

mariano rivera

Mariano Rivera Jr. Heading Back to School

Last month, the New York Yankees drafted the son of legendary closer Mariano Rivera.  But, on Saturday, the team announced that the second generation hurler won’t be following in his father’s footsteps anytime soon. Yankees announced signings of their top 15 draft picks. 29th Rd pick Mariano Rivera Jr did not sign and will return […]

chicago bulls

Chicago Bulls Signees Hit U.S. Cellular Field

Pop quiz, hot shot.  How do you truly know when your favorite basketball team has officially signed a big name free agent? Is it seeing their names across the ESPN Bottomline? Perhaps it’s that press conference where they hold up their new jerseys?!? Nope…it’s when they get that invite to hit the mound to throw […]


VIDEO: Metallica’s SportsCenter Outtakes

“Hey…wanna go follow Bob Ley around again?” Monday night, during the Home Run Derby, ESPN debuted their latest “This is SportsCenter” promo featuring Metallica.  And it was awesome. Now, and equally as entertaining…the worldwide leader in sports has released the outtakes.

tony gwynn

The All-Star In Memoriam You Didn’t Know You Needed

During Tuesday night’s All-Star Game plenty of fans waited, anxiously to see if there would be mention of the late Tony Gwynn. Surely, there was going to be something, right?  I mean, the 15-time All-Star passed away nearly a month to the day of this year’s Midsummer Classic.  But, alas, the game was over and […]

devin shepherd

Former Minor Leaguer Booted From Big Brother House

Feel free to insert your own “strikes out” pun here. After a unanimous vote, Devin Shepherd’s stay in the “Big Brother” house came to a sudden end Wednesday night. The former professional baseball player (and Dwayne Johnson lookalike) was facing certain eviction and, yup, after that 11-0 vote…he was gone.  But, hey, maybe starting three […]

pete rose

Pete Rose Absolutely Kills It on Radio Show

Someone get this guy a podcast.  Now. Earlier this week, on the eve of the Major League All-Star Game, Pete Rose was in New York and stopped by “The Opie and Anthony Show” and, believe it or not…it didn’t take long to get into the Hall of Fame chatter. “Where you at with the Hall of […]

luke scott

Luke Scott Continues to Make Friends (Not Really)

I’m starting to get the impression Luke Scott has a hard time making friends. The former Major Leaguer who ESPN’s Amy K. Nelson once referred to as “a right-wing nut, a borderline racist and a loudmouth redneck ballplayer” has been released by the SK Wyverns for allegedly being “disrespectful” to coach Lee Man-soo. According to […]

gabe kapler

FOX Sports 1 Anchor Has to Eat Brat Dog on Air

Former outfielder Gabe Kapler is cut like a Greek God so, it’s understandable that dude’s a health food nut.  Conversely, his FOX Sports 1 co-anchor Frank Thomas is not. And apparently, prior to Tuesday night’s All-Star Game, the pair made a bet that involved food. If Thomas won, Kapler would have to eat a “Brat […]

HOVG Induction

The Hall of Very Good™ Unveils New Award

Less than a week from the announcement of The Hall of Very Good™ Class of 2014 announcement comes this one.  In addition to three (yes, three…more on that later) inductees, The Hall will also be awarding the inaugural Glenn Burke Memorial Courage Award. From 1976-1979, Burke played parts of four seasons in the Majors, splitting […]