three rivers stadium

Remember Three Rivers Stadium?

Remember Three Rivers Stadium? Sure you do. Long before all your cool baseball friends heralded PNC Park the greatest and Bane imploded Heinz Field during “The Dark Knight Rises”…Three Rivers Stadium was “the place to be”. And, thanks to the internet, you can still visit the place the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Pittsburgh Steelers called […]

ryne sandberg

Ryne Sandberg is Not Thrilled with the Nationals

Prior to the season, Pittsburgh Pirates Andrew McCutchen wrote that “Centerfield” by John Fogerty was the song he never wanted to hear again at the ballpark. Something tells me the Philadelphia Phillies would’ve killed for something by the former Creedance Clearwater Revival frontman when they faced the Washington Nationals this weekend. Apparently, the Nats have […]

yu darvish

Can Yu Darvish Become The Greatest Ever Japanese Import?

Major League Baseball has had some extremely talented imports from East Asia over the years. Masanori Murakami was the first to feature as part of an exchange in the mid-1960s and, since then (albeit with decades in between), there have been more and more players from Japan who have graced the diamonds of the USA. As the sport continues […]

lando calrissian

Minor League Team to Wear Lando Calrissian Jerseys

So many teams have held “Star Wars” nights that, let’s be honest…it would be easier to do stories (blog posts?) on teams that aren’t honoring the ironic movie. Then there’s the Potomac Nationals. The “P-Nats” have gone and done the impossible. The single-A affiliate of the Washington Nationals have made me, the most jaded of […]

bartlett giamatti

For Sale: Dead Commissioner’s Autograph

A. Bartlett Giamatti died September 1, 1989…just eight days after banishing Pete Rose for life. The next year, the Topps Company celebrated the life of Major League Baseball’s seventh commissioner with a card celebrating his brief legacy. And up until recently…you could have owned an autographed copy of it. Wait…what? A. Bartlett Giamatti signed his […]

lance mccullers

Astros Rookie Breaks Out Batman Cleats

Five years ago, then-San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson was fined $1000 by Major League Baseball for, essentially, his bright orange cleats being “a little too bright, too flashy”. The bearded one grabbed a black marker and voila…“Nike Air Sharpies”. Something tells me Lance McCullers Jr. won’t have those same issues as his new cleats […]

jar jar binks

Wisdom and Links: The Devil’s Baseball Dictionary

I was going to do an article about overrated and underrated players, but, well, then I went and got a better idea: the Devil’s Baseball Dictionary. Some of you are wondering what I’m talking about. I will explain: In 1906, author/journalist Ambrose Bierce released a book called The Devil’s Dictionary, a satirical and irreverent take […]

adam jones

Adam Jones Called Out by WWE Tag Team Champs

Following the Baltimore Orioles 3-0 victory over the Los Angeles Angels on Sunday, Adam Jones made the quick, five block trip from Camden Yards to Royal Farms Arena to check out WWE Payback. The All-Star outfielder (decked out in his finest Ron Simmons gear and championship belt) was seated ringside when he became part of the storyline […]

adam jones

WWE Champ Visits Baltimore Orioles

Before defending his WWE championship belt against Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Randy Orton Sunday night at Payback, Seth Rollins stopped by Camden Yards to compare belts with Baltimore Orioles center fielder Adam Jones. Got @wwerollins throwing out the first pitch at the game today. Me vs. You, belt for belt tonight at #WWEPayback. I’ll […]


Baseball’s Best Fans Set Guinness World Record

As if bestowing the moniker “baseball’s best fans” upon themselves wasn’t bad enough, St. Louis Cardinals faithful are now making up world records. And to make matters worse…they’ve roped in the folks at Guinness to help. At yesterday’s game, 4,296


Jose Canseco’s Daughter Vying for SI Swimsuit Cover

We’re nearly nine months away from the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, and already, the magazine has started looking for its next top model…and they want you to be part of the process. Twice a week, Sports Illustrated will be posting videos of the prospective covergirls. And first up is an 18-year-old with a familiar name. […]

pete rose

Pete Rose: “Nobody Can Beat My Record”

Pete Rose has never lacked confidence. During his debut on FOX Sports, baseball’s hit king was open with his thoughts on Alex Rodriguez, his favorite hitter in the game (Detroit Tigers slugger Miguel Cabrera) and, naturally, whether or not his all-time hits record will ever be broken. His response was to be expected. “No, I […]

carrie brownstein

Portlandia Star Delivers First Pitch Strike

As if the world needed another reason to have a crush on Carrie Brownstein, the “Portlandia” star proved that she’s a force on the baseball diamond as well. Insisting on pitching from mound, the actress (and one-third of the band Sleater-Kinney) showed off her best eephus pitch when she threw out the first pitch prior […]

rickey henderson

Wisdom and Links: The Greatest Living Ballplayers

A few days ago, I talked a bit on the Continuum about who I’d select for every one of the “Franchise Fours” that MLB had up for voting until late last week. Well, with one exception: the choice for greatest living ballplayers. I saved that just for you, HOVG fans! First, though, a bit of […]

bryce harper

Bryce Harper and Paul Pierce Send Fans Home Happy

After hitting five home runs in his previous two games, all eyes were on Bryce Harper Saturday afternoon. Then, with the score tied in the ninth inning and a man on base…it happened. Your browser does not support iframes. That’s right, the 22-year-old Washington wunderkind went deep off Cody Martin to win it for the […]