george brett

A Look Back at July 24, 1983

In 1955, team owners were in a bind…they were losing too much money on baseballs that were stained and smudged with the pine tar being used on bats. To combat that loss, baseball implemented a rule…MLB Rule 1.10(c). It was a simple one really. Basically, you can treat your bat with anything to help “improve […]

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Former All-Star Charged with Assault

Chuck Knoblauch was arrested Wednesday night…accused of assaulting his ex-wife. The former Major Leaguer was charged with misdemeanor assault on a family member after allegedly grabbing his ex-wife Cheri by the arm, smashing her head into a wall and throwing a humidifier at her before she ran from the room.  According to police, Cheri had a large bruise […]


This A-Rod Parody Wins the Internet

To coincide with Derek Jeter’s final All-Star Game appearance, Nike put out a pretty cool spot honoring the New York Yankees captain. And, as is customary…here come the parodies.  First out of the gate (and honestly, it should be the last) is this nearly spot on “tribute” to Jeter’s former teammate Alex Rodriguez from Funny […]

San Diego Chicken Official

Talkin’ Baseball with The San Diego Chicken – Part Two

When we last left our friend Ted Giannoulas (aka The San Diego Chicken), he was on top of the world because for one night he was the highest paid athlete on the globe. The future is looking pretty bright for our flexible, tri-colored friend.  If you are wondering what else there could possibly be for […]

San Diego Chicken Official

Talkin’ Baseball with The San Diego Chicken – Part One

This marks a very big first for The Hall of Very Good.  You are about to embark on a two part interview with our first ever celebrity inductee, Ted Giannoulas.  Of course, you probably know him better as his alter ego, The San Diego Chicken. The San Diego Chicken has been a staple of Major […]

San Diego Chicken Official

What They’re Saying About The San Diego Chicken

It’s been 35 years since the 2014 celebrity inductee The San Diego Chicken was “hatched” in front of more than 47,00 fans.  Today, he’s as beloved as he was in front of that initial crowd at Jack Murphy Stadium. Former San Diego Padres pitcher John D’Acquisto;  “I can remember that The San Diego Chicken was […]

San Diego Chicken Official

The Baseball Cards of The San Diego Chicken

The Hall of Very Good’s inaugural celebrity inductee was “hatched” in front of more than 47,000 fans in 1979.  A couple years later, he made his way on to baseball cards. The San Diego Chicken appears on a card in four separate Donruss sets with an actual offer on the back of the card where […]

chicago cubs

Cubs Fans Get Schooled Outside Wrigley Field

Mark Faea. Jason Yatung. Just a couple of names that Chicago Cubs fans are hoping can turn around the century-old sinking ship that is their franchise. The problem? They’re not real. Taking a page from the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” playbook, Matt Lindner from Chicago’s RedEye Sports hit the streets outside Wrigley Field to prove what […]

GB Memorial Official 2

Tanner Vavra Continues to Contribute

Heading in to the 2014 season, expectations were limited with regard to the Cedar Rapids Kernels. The team’s fortunes would likely turn on the performance of a staff of young, highly heralded pitching prospects. The offense, meanwhile, could very well struggle to score enough runs to keep the Minnesota Twins’ Midwest League affiliate competitive. That […]

jeff francoeur

Jeff Francoeur Gets Got Once Again

Rarely is the sequel as good as the original and, hardly ever, is it better.  This is not one of those times. Back in April, Jeff Francoeur’s teammates with the El Paso Chihuahuas convinced him that reliever Jorge Reyes was deaf.  And the best part…they kept up the charade for weeks.  So, on the eve of Francoeur […]

GB Memorial Official 2

Talkin’ Baseball with Tanner Vavra

Starting today, The Glenn Burke Memorial Courage Award will be an annual award presented to a person who has made a significant impact on the game of baseball or has overcome adversity to succeed on the field.  And it’s with great honor and pleasure that The Hall of Very Good™ announces Tanner Vavra as the […]

countdown to cooperstown

Cooperstown Ready for Huge Weekend

Last year’s Hall of Fame class was a bummer.  Crowds were estimated at 2,500, but many reports numbered it might have even been in the hundreds. That’s not about to happen this year, as people are already making the pilgrimage to see managers Bobby Cox, Tony LaRussa and Joe Torre go in alongside first ballot guys Greg […]

Luis Tiant Official

Luis Tiant Mustache Facts

Once upon a time, I made it my mission on this earth to track down all the information I could about the facial hair of a certain former Milwaukee Brewers bullpen pitcher. From there, I investigated the intricacies of Tommy John’s Tommy John ligament.  When I was certain I had left no stone unturned, I […]