san francisco

Website Wrongly Crowns Giants Champs

So, yeah…you know that Dick’s Sporting Goods commercial that wrongly congratulated the 2014 World Champion Kansas City Royals? Turns out, popular website Baseball-Reference is also having the same issue. Well…kinda. As of late Tuesday night, if you checked out any member of the 2014 San Francisco Giants (Buster Posey, for example), you’ll see that, in […]

jose canseco

Jose Canseco Loses Finger in Gun Accident

Ummm…there’s really no better way to start this one by just jumping into it. Jose Canseco shot himself in the hand Tuesday afternoon while cleaning his gun in the kitchen of his Las Vegas home. According to the former slugger’s fiancée Leila Knight, Canseco did not know the weapon was loaded and the shot ripped […]

ozzie guillen

Ozzie Guillen Desperately Wants Back in the Game

It’s been a little more than two years since Ozzie Guillen has appeared in a big league dugout, but if the former Chicago White Sox and Miami Marlins skipper has his way, he’d be back…working alongside Joe Maddon. “This is one guy I’d love to coach for,” Guillen told the Chicago Sun-Times. “He’s a very […]

barry bonds

Barry Bonds is Happy…and I’m Cool with That

After what seemed like a lifetime of self-imposed exile, Barry Bonds is back showing his face in public and, yeah…haters are going to hate, but, I’m totally cool with it. The reigning home run king has been all around AT&T Park of late showing off that toothy grin, all the while winning Twitter by posting […]

buster posey

Wisdom and Links: Buster Posey – Future Hall of Famer

During the first game of the World Series, I made a tweet about how Buster Posey would end up being a Hall of Famer. And I’m right, too! Well, probably right. After all, baseball is a cruel game, and poor Buster could end up getting hurt or have a career nosedive. But, hopefully that won’t […]

yakov smirnoff

Baseball is Coming to Branson!

Branson, Missouri is known for plenty…all you can eat fried food buffets, cut-off jeans shorts-optional wedding chapels and, of course, the Yakov Smirnoff Theater. But baseball? According to The Detroit News, land developers are set to break ground on a Little League complex that will showcase six two-thirds-scale versions of popular Major League stadiums…including Fenway […]

bruce bochy

Five Reasons Bruce Bochy is a Hall of Famer

The World Series is in full swing as the San Francisco Giants are taking on the Kansas City Royals. It’s been 29 years for Kansas City but this is the third trip to the Fall Classic in the last five years for the Giants. Bruce Bochy has guided the Giants during this time, and may […]

mindy project

White Girls on Twitter Hate The World Series

For the fifteenth straight year, the FOX network aired Game One of the World Series Tuesday night, but not everyone wanted to watch the Kansas City Royals play host to the San Francisco Giants. You see, lost in the shuffle was last year’s 125th rated television show, “The Mindy Project”…and the white girls on Twitter […]

barry bonds

Nikolai Bonds: Fans Treated My Dad “Like He Was a Convict”

After spending much of the second half of the season in second place, chasing the Los Angeles Dodgers, the San Francisco Giants are in the World Series. More surprising than the Giants playing this deep in October for the third time in five years is this…Barry Bonds, who recently underwent hip surgery, was on the […]

andrew friedman

Adding Andrew Friedman Gives Dodgers A New Direction

Adding Andrew Friedman Gives Dodgers A New Direction by Mark Stevens The Los Angeles Dodgers have been spending money like crazy over the last few years, but it has not translated to a lot of success in the postseason. Meanwhile, they see their rivals in San Francisco closing in on another World Series appearance in the […]

travis ishikawa

Travis Ishikawa Fortunate Fan Caught Home Run Ball

Travis Ishikawa made history Thursday night when he sent the San Francisco Giants to the World Series courtesy of a walk off home run. The man on the receiving end…Oakdale, California transmission repairman Frank Burke who, immediately following the game, gave the home run ball back to Ishikawa. “I believe in karma,” Burke told The […]

kansas city royals

Kansas City Royals Fans Sure Are Loud

This is pretty cool. I don’t know why someone would be recording outside Kauffman Stadium…but I am so glad they were. Now, as awesome as this video is (and it is)…I only wish there was video from INSIDE the stadium so we can see what everyone was cheering about!  By comparison, here’s the current view […]

sammy sosa

Sammy Sosa is Looking Different Again. Again

It must be that time of year…famed creature of the night Nosferatu Sammy Sosa has emerged from his crypt and made a public appearance. The 1998 National League MVP was in Panama recently, hanging out with legendary boxer Roberto Duran and, once again, looked a few shades lighter than he did during his playing days. […]