beyer stadium

Rockford Peaches Honored at Site of Old Stadium

It’s been more than 60 years since the Rockford Peaches took the field at Beyer Stadium, but for a few hours this past weekend…it felt like home again. Saturday, hundreds of fans checked out the newly re-vamped park on the corner of 15th Ave. and Seminary Street in Rockford during the field’s official re-dedication. Incidentally, […]

curtis granderson

Curtis Granderson…Moon Landing Truther

In professional sports, it doesn’t take much nowadays to be labeled a “nice guy”…just stay out of the papers and don’t make headlines. To that end, Curtis Granderson is a member of the “nice guy” fraternity. He’s kept his nose clean and a couple years ago, even helped fund a baseball stadium being built in […]

joe jackson

Shoeless Joe to Remain Banned from Baseball

It’s been more than 94 years since “Shoeless” Joe Jackson was banned for life by then-commissioner Kenesaw Mountain Landis following his perceived involvement in throwing the 1919 World Series. Tuesday, current commish Rob Manfred decided to uphold that decision. “I began my interest in Shoeless Joe in 1997 when I worked for the mayor of […]

jake arrieta

Jake Arrieta Rocks Mustache Onesie at Press Conference

Jake Arrieta threw the season’s sixth no-hitter Sunday night against the Los Angeles Dodgers, but it didn’t take long for that to be overshadowed. And I’m guessing he made a lot of new fans in the process. You see, the flight back to Chicago was to be a Joe Maddon-sanctioned “pajama party” (for some reason) […]

wrigley field sign

Fun Fact: Wrigley Field is on the North Side of Chicago

I guess if there’s a reason ESPN doesn’t brand itself “the worldwide leader in geography”…it’s this. During “SportsCenter” on Wednesday, the network put up the graphic “Coming Up: South Side Surge” and included a Chicago Cubs logo. ESPN places the Cubs on the ‘South Side.’ — Sun-Times Sports (@suntimes_sports)

ken griffey junior

Ken Griffey Jr. Goes Downtown With Macklemore

Fun fact: rapper Macklemore is from Seattle and, news flash, he really, really loves the Emerald City. And, it would appear, the Mariners love him right back. A couple of years ago, the team adopted one of the Grammy Award winner’s songs as their unofficial anthem and, later, honored him with his own bobblehead night. […]

dutchie caray

Windy City Honors The First Lady of Chicago Baseball

Walk through downtown Chicago and you’d be lucky to make it a block or two without noticing the all-too familiar brown and white honorary street signs. Matter of fact, since they were introduced, close to two thousand of the things have been dedicated to the people who, seemingly, make the Windy City tick. Some are […]

wrigley field sign

Cubs to Add Toyota Logo to Iconic Marquee

Welp…this might piss off some people in Wrigleyville. In the past couple of years, the Chicago Cubs home has welcomed its fair share of advertisers, all to the chagrin of the Wrigley Field faithful. Which, to digress, cracks me up considering the stadium (which was initially called “Weeghman Park” and, later “Cubs Park”) re-named itself […]

mike fiers

Astros Pitcher Throws No-no…Causes Controversy

Friday night, Mike Fiers became the fifth pitcher to throw a no-hitter in 2015…a 134-pitch, 3-0 gem over the Los Angeles Dodgers. But, it was that 134th pitch (a called strike on Justin Turner) that got the internet talking about the Houston Astros righty. More specifically…Fiers’ glove.

ray liotta

Speaking of Baseball-Related Movie Goofs

With an 89% rating over at Rotten Tomatoes, “Straight Outta Compton” is one of the higher rated movies out there in theaters right now. But regardless of how good or accurate the movie is, some fans were turned off right from the start…and it had nothing to do with the language, violence or even the […]

wilmer flores

FOR SALE: Wilmer Flores’ Worst Nightmare

Remember those 48 hours where everyone pretended to care about Wilmer Flores? First, it was the image of the New York Mets shortstop crying in the dugout and on the field after learning he was being traded to the Milwaukee Brewers. Then, it was the trade not going through. And, lastly, Flores hit a walk-off […]

easy e

Costume Designer Laughs Off White Sox Hat Controversy

“Straight Outta Compton” hit theaters on Friday and with it…controversy. But people weren’t upset with the language, violence or even the portrayal of the iconic rap group N.W.A…people were upset about something else. People were upset with this. Maybe it’s a big deal. Maybe it isn’t. To me…it’s definitely worth more than a mention. Unfortunately, […]

easy e

Movie Has White Sox History Wrong

More like “Straight Outta Continuity Errors 101″…am I right? Allow me to digress. People hit the movie theaters in droves over the weekend to see “Straight Outta Compton”, the N.W.A. biopic and, for some, they were reminded it wasn’t a documentary right from the start. #161: Straight Outta Compton – MovieCount 2015. Great movie! Except […]

darren young

WWE Champion Shows Support for David Denson

On Saturday, Helena Brewers outfielder David Denson made news as he became professional baseball’s first openly gay player and, like most of us, Darren Young didn’t know who Denson was until his story was told in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. But, it’s safe to say, Young is now a fan of the 20-year-old minor leaguer. You see, two […]

wade boggs

Wade Boggs’ Old Fishing Boat Sells for $24K

If you were holding your breath in hopes of winning that fishing boat once owned by Wade Boggs…stop. The 19-foot Ranger 518 SVX bass boat gifted by the Tampa Bay (Devil) Rays to the then-future Hall of Famer when he reached the 3000-hit plateau 16 years ago has been sold. Valued at $50,000 (and listed […]

ichiro suzuki

Ichiro Ties Ty Cobb…Kinda

With an opposite field single in the fifth inning Friday night against the St. Louis Cardinals, Ichiro Suzuki tied Ty Cobb on the all-time hits list. Well…kinda. Depending on who you ask, the Miami Marlins outfielder tied the Hall of Famer with hit number 4191 or just got one step closer to the 3000-hit milestone. […]

david robertson

White Sox Closer Helps Out Tornado Victims

The Chicago White Sox have virtually no shot at the postseason, but, no doubt, they spent their off day Thursday preparing for their neighbors to the north taking the Red Line south to continue their crosstown rivalry. Except for David Robertson…who was feeling a little chaitable. The closer, his wife Erin, and their charity, High […]

eric thames

Former Major Leaguer Makes History in Korea

Eric Thames barely made a dent during his time in the Major Leagues. The slugger spent the better part of five years being shuffling between four different franchises in five years. In his 181 big league games, he hit just .250 with 21 home runs. Prior to the 2014 season, Thames took his game to […]