cody kukuk

Red Sox Prospect Popped for Aggravated Robbery

Nearly three years ago, Pittsburgh Pirates fans held their collective breath when they saw “Jason Grilli” had been arrested for drug trafficking and was facing a minimum of 15 years in prison. Of course, as we can all surmise…that was a different Jason Grilli. I’ve gotta imagine Boston Red Sox fans had their collective fingers […]

marlins man

“Marlins Man” is Getting Charitable

In an effort to extend his fifteen minutes of fame (and raise some money for charity in the process), Laurence “Marlins Man” Leavy is putting some of his signature duds on the auction block. That’s right, the Florida lawyer who made headlines in October after appearing behind homeplate during all seven games of the World Series […]

john elway

Not So Fast “Johnny Baseball”

So “Johnny Football” has a baseball card? Yawn. You already know about Deion, Bo and Brian Jordan, of course, but here are some serious NFL impact players who you may not realized also appeared on baseball cards. JOHN ELWAY Don Mattingly was a 19th round draft choice by the New York Yankees in 1979. Among […]

oscar taveras

Oscar Taveras’ Family Thanks Fans Via Twitter

It’s been more than three weeks since St. Louis Cardinals prospect Oscar Taveras was killed in a car accident. Thursday, his family took to social media to thank everyone who left condolences for the late 22-year-old slugger. “Thanks to all who left a memory or token of appreciation! It means so much,”

jose canseco

Jose Canseco’s Finger Didn’t Fall Off After All

Hey, you know that whole thing about buying Jose Canseco’s detached dangling digit on eBay? Welp…turns out you can’t. Two reasons. First…there’s this. “We don’t allow humans, the human body, or any human body parts or products to be listed on eBay, with two exceptions,” eBay’s human remains and body parts policy states. “Sellers can […]

los angeles dodgers

Who’s Gonna Win the 2015 World Series?

The 2014 season just ended a few weeks ago with the San Francisco Giants beating the Kansas City Royals in seven games and in the process, Madison Bumgarner completed one of the greatest postseason performances in recent years by pitching his team to their third World Series title in five years. It’s only been a […]

madison bumgarner

Giants Players Imitate Madison Bumgarner

If Charles Colton’s famous idiom is true and imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, the San Francisco Giants must absolutely love Madison Bumgarner. The pitcher’s teammates, skipper and a strategically placed mop head paid tribute him while recording their bits for the upcoming 2014 World Series video. And as you might imagine…it was full […]

bob feller

Bob Feller Museum Closes Its Doors

It’s been nearly four years since Bob Feller passed, and since then, the Bob Feller Museum in the Hall of Famer’s hometown of Van Meter, Iowa has seem some tough times. Wednesday, it was announced that the Museum would be closing its doors. Kinda. “[Feller] truly was the engine that made that place run and […]

giancarlo stanton

Can Anyone Really Be Worth More Than $300 Million?

Okay, we all know the big news, Giancarlo Stanton has broke all records by signing a record 13-year $325 million deal with Miami Marlins. The enormous contract for the 25-year-old was described by team owner Jeffrey Loria as “a landmark day”. By the way, although the aggregate deal value makes it an official record, the […]

giancarlo stanton

Giancarlo Stanton Celebrates with $20k Bottle of Bubbly

Monday, Giancarlo Stanton signed an historic 13-year, $325 million contract. And just how did the Miami Marlins outfielder celebrate his third-of-a-billion dollar contract? By hitting the clubs in South Beach with a $20,000 bottle of champagne in his hands and a blonde socialite on his arm.

johnny manziel

Johnny Manziel Part of Baseball Card Set

Back in June, the San Diego Padres made headlines by taking Johnny Manziel in the 28th round of the annual MLB Draft. And while he’ll never hit the diamond for the Friars, the folks at Topps have decided to take advantage of the Padres drafting the former Heisman Trophy winner and include him in their […]

doc gooden

Dwight Gooden: “I Never Thought I Would Make It To 50″

Dwight Gooden’s storied life reads like both a dream and a nightmare. On one hand…you’ve got a guy who, in 1984, made the Majors at 19, and became the youngest player to both play in an All-Star Game and bring home the Rookie of the Year Award. A year later, he was named the National […]

giancarlo stanton

Putting Giancarlo Stanton’s New Contract into Perspective

Giancarlo Stanton will, likely, get $325 million dollars in exchange for playing for the Miami Marlins for 13 more years (assuming he doesn’t get traded or opts out). That, scientifically, is known as a “buttload of money”. How much money? Let’s go through it. $500 Million: The value of the Miami Marlins, according to Forbes. […]

jose canseco

Jose Canseco’s Finger Fell Off During a Game of Poker

Things have apparently gone from bad to worse for Jose Canseco. Remember that story about the former slugger damaging his digit while cleaning a loaded gun?  Of course you do. Well…now there’s this. Dam I was playing in a poker tournament last night and something crazy happened to my finger that I shot off and […]