ben zobrist

Ben Zobrist Sings Let it Go with Daughter

Everyone takes advantage of a day off, right? Major Leaguers are no different. So with a day off before his Chicago Cubs take on the Los Angeles Dodgers on Friday, Ben Zobrist took the short trip south to Anaheim to enjoy Disneyland with his family. And as the All-Star posted on Instagram (

podcast - ron shelton

The HOVG Podcast: Ron Shelton

This week, Shawn Anderson and Lou Olsen talk with Ron Shelton, the legendary writer and director behind some of the greatest sports movies of all-time. The filmmaker talks about his days in the minor leagues, the making of the iconic baseball movie “Bull Durham” and NBA Hall of Famer Michael Jordan’s brief stint as a […]

us cellular field

White Sox Announce New Name for Ballpark

New Comiskey Park U.S. Cellular Field is no more. Ladies and gentlemen…feast your eyes on, wait for it, Guaranteed Rate Field. Beginning in November, the Chicago White Sox will enter into a 13-year naming rights deal with the mortgage company. “We view this partnership as an opportunity to connect a successful Chicago business with a […]

george brett

George Brett Throws His Support Behind Donald Trump

It looks like you can add George Brett to list of former big leaguers that is supporting Donald Trump. The Kansas City Royals Hall of Famer tweeted out a pair of pictures showing his pooches wearing some incriminating head gear. Regardless of how you’re planning on voting, putting your dogs in some caps supporting Team […]

chipper jones

Braves Screw Up Chipper Jones Bobblehead

Across the Majors, bobbleheads are getting more and more creative…but that doesn’t mean that you can cut corners when it comes to the details. Monday, the Atlanta Braves unveiled two upcoming giveaways The

atlanta braves

Wisdom and (no) Links: Late August

The last week of August is among the oddest of the season. It’s too early to truly declare that the final race to the pennant has begun, but it’s too early for many teams to declare it “done” and entirely turn their focus to next year. What’s more, there isn’t the influx of youth that […]


Outfielder Hits Grand Slam, Destroys Own Windshield

Go to any minor league ballpark, and you’ll likely see the signs warning against your car or truck getting hit by a batted ball. But, for whatever reason, we’re always inundated with footage and pictures online of smashed windshields belonging to people who either can’t read signs or think they must apply to someone else. […]

jose canseco

High Schoolers Outslug Jose Canseco

You could call Jose Canseco’s post-baseball career a “traveling sideshow” and, honestly, you’d be spot on. The 52-year-old’s latest journey has him pitching for the Pittsburg Diamonds and serving as the team’s part-time designated hitter. And while Canseco’s performance on the field has been lackluster, off the field…he’s made a few headlines. First, the embattled […]

jake peavy

Jake Peavy Jams with Grateful Dead Founding Member

Jake Peavy has been a Grateful Dead fan for years. In fact, a couple of seasons ago, the San Francisco Giants pitcher even missed a team flight so he could catch a concert. So it makes sense that, even in the middle of a pennant race (the Giants are currently sitting atop the National League […]

flo rida

Is Flo Rida the Reason the Braves Stink?

When it comes to hip hop…Atlanta is, undoubtedly, a hotbed of talent. So, when the Braves were looking for an anthem to get their fans excited at Turner Field, you know exactly who they went with, right? Outkast? Nope. Goodie Mob? Nuh uh. Ludcris? Negative. They went with this and, most certainly, jinxed themselves. That’s […]

podcast - brett rapkin

The HOVG Podcast: Brett Rapkin

This week, Shawn Anderson and Lou Olsen talk with Brett Rapkin, the writer and director of the movie “Spaceman”. The filmmaker talks about working with the dreamy Josh Duhamel, hanging out with Josh’s wife Fergie and, of course, the enigma that is former Montreal Expos and Boston Red Sox pitcher Bill Lee. (Download The Hall […]

bartolo colon

Bartolo Colon Draws First Big League Walk

It’s been a big year for Bartolo Colon, but moreso at the plate, than on the mound. Sure, sure, he’s doing alright on the bump and was selected to his fourth All-Star Game, but back in May, dude hit his first career home run and Monday night…the plump pitcher drew his first walk. And it […]

aroldis chapman

Chicago Cubs Choice of Music is Questionable

After pitching a scoreless ninth Sunday night at the St. Louis Cardinals, Aroldis Chapman was played off the mound by The Prodigy’s “Smack by Bitch Up”. Yikes. Outside of that being a horrible song for any occasion, the Chicago Cubs might want to re-consider what they play after their star reliever (who, incidentally, was involved […]

olympics baseball

WISDOM AND LINKS: The Meaning of Baseball in the Olympics

We are right in the middle of the Olympics, and while baseball isn’t being played in Rio, it will be in Tokyo and perhaps in 2024 and beyond (it may end up depending on who wins hosting rights for Olympics, but that’s another story). Given that it’s unlikely that any Major Leaguers will take part […]

alex rodriguez

FOR SALE: The A-Rod Lamp

After the sudden retirement of Alex Rodriguez it would be totally acceptable for New York Yankees fans to be suffering from withdrawal. Thankfully, IKEA (yes…IKEA) has something to cure those doldrums. That’s an A-Rod lamp, folks. Well, technically, it’s an ARÖD…but you get the idea. Seriously, though, look at that sleek design, the neutral color, […]

alex rodriguez

Taiwanese Animators Go After A-Rod

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from the Taiwanese Animators, but when it was announced that Friday was going to be Alex Rodriguez’s last game…I had a hunch they’d show up. And they did. Like a lot these videos, there are plenty of things that make you scratch your head.\ This one was no […]

podcast - jim morris

The HOVG Podcast: Jim Morris

This week, Shawn Anderson and Lou Olsen talk with “The Rookie” Jim Morris. The science teacher-turned-pitcher talks about his journey from the classroom to the Major Leagues, getting jeered at Yankee Stadium and, of course, hanging out with Dennis Quaid while his life got the Disney treatment. Also…Jim talks about being hazed as a rookie […]

jose canseco

Jose Canseco’s Bats Recovered After Being Stolen

Waking up to find out your bats have been stolen has to be every slugger’s nightmare, right? For Jose Canseco…it was a reality. Now, I know what you’re thinking…what does the former American League MVP need bats for? Turns out, Canseco currently is in the midst of a stint with the independent Pittsburg Diamonds. But […]


Bridgeport Bluefish Enlist nWo for Help

While the internet was losing its collective mind about Tim Tebow looking for a new gig and minor league teams were scrambling to be the first to sign the former quarterback to a contract, one team was busy introducing their new manager. Managers, rather. Yup…three of them. That’s right, while other teams were busy with […]

tim tebow 1

Tim Tebow is Already Fielding Contract Offers

Welp…that didn’t take long. Hours minutes after word came out that Tim Tebow was looking to pursue a baseball career, minor league teams banged the Twitters with offers galore. One of the first…the unaffiliated Schaumburg Boomers. “I understand that Tim’s ultimate goal is to make it to the major leagues, just like every other guy […]