pete rose restaurant

Pete Rose Opens Sports Bar in Las Vegas

It’s not like Pete Rose to do something (anything, really) without a whole lot of fanfare…so that’s why the whole Pete Rose Sports Bar & Grill thing is somewhat perplexing. The new sports bar opened its doors on Las Vegas Boulevard literally the day after the previous occupants closed up shop. Seriously, People’s Republic’s ceased […]

biff tannen

Biff Tannen: The Cubs Are Going to Win

When the Chicago Cubs backed into the Playoffs last weekend and ended their seven-year postseason drought, it did nothing but add more mystique to the “Back to the Future II” prognostication that the team is going to win the World Series. We’ve all heard it. Thursday, actor/comedian Tom Wilson (with DeLorean in tow), was on […]

yankees feud

The New York Yankees Are Feuding

There’s a feud going on in the New York Yankees clubhouse…and it has nothing to do with the team’s current three-game losing streak against their rival Boston Red Sox. Oh, and it isn’t anywhere near the magnitude of the fight that played out between Washington Nationals All-Stars Jonathan Papelbon and Bryce Harper the other day. […]

jon hamm

Ozzie Smith Congratulates Jon Hamm on Emmy Win

Jon Hamm loves his St. Louis Cardinals and, it would appear…the team loves the “Mad Men” actor right back. The St. Louis native was a guest on a recent Sklarboro Country podcast and discussed all things Emmys (including his recent win) with the hosts Randy and Jason Sklar. Hamm also shared the volume of congratulatory […]

jack perconte

Jack Perconte: “Why the Baseball Hall of Fame Should Consider Me”

Recently, I read where there have been over two hundred Little League home runs in the history of Major League Baseball. I beg to differ. They are basing that on a batter scoring on his batted ball with at least one error on the play. For it to be a true Little League home run, […]

yogi berra

Yogi Berra’s Funeral to be Televised

The YES Network has decided to televise the funeral of Hall of Famer Yogi Berra live beginning at 10am EST Tuesday. “In response to the tremendous outpouring of love and condolences from Yogi’s friends and fans, the Berra family has decided to have his funeral services broadcast live exclusively by the YES network,” the Yogi […]

klay thompson

Klay Thompson Overshadows Tim Hudson and Barry Zito

Twelve years ago, Saturday’s Tim Hudson–Barry Zito matchup would’ve been pretty cool. But in 2015…watching the pair of aging pitchers was just painful. How painful? They were overshadowed by the dude throwing out the first pitch. First pitches on radar guns: Barry Zito 85 mph, Tim Hudson 87 mph, Klay Thompson 89 mph.

lance berkman

Lance Berkman Attacks Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance

Oh, Lance Berkman…please leave your intolerance to guys like Torii Hunter. On November 3, Houston residents will be voting on the city’s recently proposed Equal Rights Ordinance which will allow, among other things, transgendered people to use public bathrooms consistent with their gender identity. Makes sense, right? Wrong. So what does this have to do […]

major league

Hollywood to Remake Major League?

If life has taught me anything, it’s this…sometimes Hollywood really just needs to leave well enough alone. Allow me to explain. Morgan Creek Productions has put their film library on the block, but according to reports, the company is hoping to retain the remake rights to, quite possibly, the most random assortment of movies…“Ace Ventura: […]

yogi bear

The AP Misreported Yogi Berra’s Death

Get your stuff together, Associated Press…Yogi Berra was a national treasure. Now, while it’s bad enough that the AP made the gaffe…it’s worse that other news outlets didn’t pick up on it and went ahead with the same headlines including the cartoon bear Yogi Bear, right? Way to go, Las Vegas Sun. Or was it […]

yogi berra

Yogi Berra (1925-2015)

I’m pretty sure my fascination with baseball had everything to do with the love my grandfather and his son (my uncle) had for the sport. And, somehow, Yogi Berra tied into it. Allow me explain. My grandfather and uncle both had soft spots for the New York Yankees and even though they spent a majority […]


Kobayashi and Crew Attempt to Reverse Cubs Curse by Eating Goat

During the 1945 World Series, the owner of Chicago’s famed Billy Goat Tavern put a curse on the Cubs because, naturally, they wouldn’t let him bring his goat into Wrigley Field. Monday night, a group of competitive eaters (naturally) have banded together in hopes of breaking the decades long curse and 107 year championship drought […]

jake peavy

Jake Peavy Joins Band for Some Grateful Dead Covers

Jake Peavy is used to pitching in front of big crowds and Friday night was no different. The San Francisco Giants hurler took advantage of some time off to join the team’s former third base coach, Tim Flannery, and his band Lunatic Fringe on stage in front of a packed house. Their jam of choice? […]


Joe Maddon Blames AC/DC for Sloppy Play

Even though the Chicago Cubs have won seven of their last ten at home, the team has been a little sloppy in the field…and skipper Joe Maddon thinks he knows why. Joe Maddon blames Starlin Castro’s error on AC/DC concert at Wrigley: “They have totally messed up our infield.” — Patrick Mooney (@CSNMooney)

back to the future

Screenwriter: Chicago’s Back to the Future II Win All a Joke

As we inch closer and closer to the postseason, plenty will be made about “Back to the Future II” predicting a Chicago Cubs 2015 World Series victory. Sure, it also predicted an American League team out of Miami as the World Series losers, but that’s beside the point…we want to talk about how/why the Cubs […]

baseball earth

Wisdom and Links: Extreme Ballparks!

NOTE: Parts of the following article were originally published on the Baseball Continuum on November 26, 2013. today, we’re doing a little bit of a geography lesson, finding the most extreme baseball fields in the United States! No, I don’t mean that they are “extreme” as in “radical”, I’m talking extreme as in geographical: the […]

brewers fans

Brewers Fan Calls Out Miller Park’s “Circus-like Atmosphere”

If the Milwaukee Brewers ever want to climb out of the cellar in the National League Central, they might want to reconsider the way they encourage fans to cheer on their team. Or at least that’s what one disgruntled fan of the Brew Crew thinks. The above “letter to the editor” appeared in Sunday’s Milwaukee […]

macho man

Macho Man’s Ghost Announces Presidential Bid

Oooh yeah! “Macho Man” Randy Savage is continuing to have a pretty great year. In March, the former WWE Superstar was (finally) inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. A few months later, his brief minor league baseball career was recognized and celebrated by The Hall of Very Good. And, now, he’s taking a stab […]

jeff kent

Jeff Kent Turns Down a Second Chance at Survivor

When the latest season of “Survivor” kicks off September 23, the show (now in its 31st season!) will feature 20 contestants that were selected by public vote. One contestant that didn’t make the trip to Cambodia to take part in “Survivor: Second Chance” is longtime Major Leaguer Jeff Kent. You might recall the 2000 National […]