marlins man

“Marlins Man” is Getting Charitable…Again

This past season, Laurence Leavy (aka “Marlins Man”) attended 148 baseball games, including all five games of the 2015 World Series. And now, the Fort Lauderdale lawyer wants you to own the iconic jersey and visor he wore to those games (and a host of other cool things)…all in the name of charity. Among the […]

braves fans

Wisdom and Links: Tanking and Baseball

Tanking. It’s not a word that comes up in baseball all much. You often will see NFL, NHL and NBA teams “tank” so that they have a better shot at top prospects, but it’s rare that you hear the words said in Major League Baseball. Partly it’s because of the different structure of the league: […]

dmitir 2

That Time Dmitri Young Showed Up During a WWE Pay-Per-View

Plenty of baseball players have shown their love of professional wrestling over the years. From Wade Boggs appearing alongside Curt Hennig to introduce the world to the “perfect swing” (Boggs would later induct Mr. Perfect into the WWE Hall of Fame) to Josh Reddick channeling Ultimate Warrior on live television. But did you know that […]

bo jackson

Bo Jackson Won’t Sign Iconic Photo

Bo knows copyright infringement? Athletes have many quirks…this we know. And when it comes to Bo Jackson, the former two-sport stud is very particular with what he’ll allow his name to be on. Saturday, Jackson will be appearing at a memorabilia show just outside of Chicago, and if you’re planning on getting his John Hancock, […]

derek jeter

Derek Jeter Addresses That Infamous Gift Basket Rumor

Joe Buck’s new show “Undeniable” debuted Wednesday on something called The Audience Network and on his premiere episode, he brought out a pretty heavy hitter. Derek Sanderson Jeter. Among the topics FOX’s lead baseball play-by-play announcer-turned-talk show host discussed with the legendary shortstop…his career with and subsequent retirement from the New York Yankees, his web […]

ben zobrist

Jon Price’s Kansas City Royals World Series Future Bet Pays Off Big

After a crushing defeat in the 2014 World Series at the hands of the San Francisco Giants, few people gave the Kansas City Royals any chance to make it back to the World Series. After all, they are the Kansas City Royals, and no matter how successful they’ve been in recent years, their reputation precedes […]

bryce harper

Eight Things (Surprisingly) Older Than Bryce Harper

In just his fourth year in the Majors (has it already been four years?), Bryce Harper has finally started living up to the potential…hitting .330 with 42 home runs and 99 RBI. And he did it all before turning 23. When the Washington Nationals outfielder, who was born Octohber 23, 1992, wins the National League […]

sammy sosa

Sammy Sosa Still Partying Down in Dubai

Sammy Sosa and his group of low-rent Kardashian wannabes are still in Dubai and still partying like rockstars. The former slugger has been in Dubai celebrating his 47th birthday. First, he hit the clubs in his recent vampire-like get up. Then, he and his crew took their act to the desert. Surprisingly, he looked less […]

yogi willie

Willie Mays and Yogi Berra to Receive Medal of Freedom

Better late than never. It was announced Monday that Willie Mays and Yogi Berra would be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the United States’ highest civilian honor. The Hall of Famers are among 17 people to be honored this year by President Barack Obama. “From public servants who helped us meet defining challenges of […]

baseball snow

Wisdom and Links: The Off-Season Blues

Although the hot stove is starting to heat up, the fact remains we are now in one of the colder parts of the off-season. The announcements of award-winner are only just starting, it’s still a few weeks until the winter meetings, and it’s been long enough since the World Series that early parts of baseball […]

larry king

Larry King Re-writes Baseball History

“I’d rather be lucky than good.” You’ve heard it said a million times and, likely, you’ve heard it from a million different sources. But who said it? Larry King knows. Babe Ruth did. Wait. Babe Ruth did? No he didn’t…it was Lefty Gomez. Seriously. Look anywhere and it’s the Hall of Fame pitcher that uttered […]


New York Mayor Makes Good on World Series Bet

World Series and Super Bowl wagers between the officials who govern the cities involved in the “big game” are as old as time. Yet there we are, every year, curious about the bets made by people we don’t care about from cities we don’t reside. Which brings me to this! Friday, New York mayor Bill […]

sammy sosa

Sammy Sosa Parties it Up in Dubai

Vampire Sammy Sosa is back gang! The former big leaguer spent his 47th birthday in style…partying it up in, of all places, Dubai. Friday, Sosa posted nearly a dozen pictures of himself on Facebook (looking every bit as ghoulish as he has previously) but this time, he’s surrounded himself with some sort of low-rent Kardashian […]

chris denorfia

600 Chris Denorfia Bobbleheads Left on Doorstep

Whoever said “you can never have too much of a good thing” never had 600 bobbleheads of former San Diego Padres outfielder Chris Denorfia bobbleheads dumped in front of their house. But that’s exactly what happened to Philip Jia and his San Diego roommates recently. So, the roomies did what anyone would do if they […]

justin verlander

Golf Digest Lists Baseball’s Best Golfers

The Monday after the baseball season ends is known for two things…players preparing for the playoffs or hitting the links. And while only a handful of team’s get to continue play in October, that leaves a ton of guys out there playing golf.  Tops among them Tyler Clippard. The New York Mets reliever carries a […]

mookie betts

Mookie Betts Hopes to Join PBA

Pro baseball has seen its fair share of two-sport stars…but not quite like this. Mookie Betts returned home to Nashville the day after the 2015 season concluded and got a start on his other passion. Bowling. “I’ve been bowling for a long time and the opportunity to bowl against the guys I’ve watched on TV […]

vin scully

Did the Dodgers Just Hire Vin Scully’s Successor?

Vin Scully is (likely) heading into his final season with the Los Angeles Dodgers and on Wednesday, the team just might have hired his successor. Joe Davis, currently with FOX Sports, where he calls Major League Baseball, college football and basketball games, will assume play-by-play duties alongside Orel Hershiser and Nomar Garciaparra. The 27-year-old will […]

donald trump

Donald Trump a Hit With Autograph Seekers

Prior to the fourth Republican debate Tuesday night in Milwaukee, GOP front runner Donald Trump took the time to sign some autographs before heading to the historic Milwaukee Theatre. Among those outside the hotel he was staying at…Miller Park mainstay, “Ballhawk Shawn” Bosman. Is the Trump autograph sloppy? Yes. Cool? Most definitely. However, the real […]