marty mcfly

Miami Marlins Look to #RewriteTheFuture

Talk to any Chicago Cubs fan and, much like the last 107 years, they’re liable to tell you this is the year. And no, it has little to do with any promise they may (or may not) be showing on the field. It has everything to do with a movie.  You know…that movie. Unfortunately, there […]

opening day

Wisdom and Links: Prepare Yourself for Opening Day

  This time next week (Monday) will be Opening Day. Prepare yourself now. First off, inform your place of work that you will not be there. Invent a grandparent to kill off, if you must. Cruel and manipulative? Maybe. Justified? Absolutely. Next off, make sure you have food and drink prepared. It will not be […]

vladimir guerrero

Vladimir Guerrero Asks Twitter Followers for Help

Vladimir Guerrero hasn’t been on Twitter long (it’s been only two weeks!) and already he’s trolling “surveying” his followers. Fortunately, Cooperstown will have time to figure out what cap the 2004 American League MVP as he’s not eligible for two more years and considering the voting habits of the BBWAA, not a lock. But, if […]

oakland as

Not Everyone is Excited About Oakland’s Pride Night

When the Oakland A’s announced that they’d be holding Pride Night June 17 when they take on the San Diego Padres…I got super excited. Unfortunately, not everyone was as excited. ***NOTE: San Francisco Giants will be holding their annual LGBT night June 26.*** Wow.  It seems like we’ve got a looooong way to go as […]

eddie vedder

Flashback: Eddie Vedder Visits Wrigley Field

Before Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam had more than 60 million album sales to their credit and were selling out arenas across the globe, they were playing much, much smaller venues. On March 28, 1992 (23 years ago!), the success of their debut album “Ten”, brought the Seattle-based quintet to Chicago and while there, they […]

wrigley field sign

Wrigley Field is Starting to (Almost) Look Normal

Depending on the angle, Wrigley Field is starting to look like, well…Wrigley Field. Of course, some banners hanging from the front facade doesn’t make up for the fact that the famed outfield bleachers are nowhere close to being ready for Opening Night. And, yeah, I know, the Chicago Cubs brass has already said that the […]

oakland as

The Oakland A’s to Hold Pride Night

It’s no secret how The Hall of Very Good feels about Glenn Burke.  Last year, we unveiled an award in his namesake and have written multiple articles and stories to try and bring his story to light.  So when I saw the following announcement on the Oakland A’s website, I couldn’t help but feel some […]

brandon magee

Former Linebacker Reports to Spring Training

Wednesday, Brandon Magee reported to Spring Training for the Boston Red Sox and even though he is about a month late…team officials are cool with it. You see, up until Tuesday, the outfield prospect was a linebacker for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. “He’s a strong kid,” Boston’s director of player development Ben Crockett said. “He’s […]

andrew mccutchen

Andrew McCutchen Loses Signature Dreadlocks

According to the Bible, Samson’s power derived from his long, flowing hair.  The Pittsburgh Pirates are hoping Andrew McCutchen’s skills come from other means. Now, I’m not really sure how to phrase this, ladies, but on Wednesday…the 2013 National League MVP chopped off his signature lengthy locks. Gasp! Why? “No big reason, really,” McCutchen said. […]

ryan howard

Philadelphia Might Have a Taker for Ryan Howard

The Philadelphia Phillies are looking to unload Ryan Howard…and they might just have an interested party. The team has made it public that they’d be willing to eat $50 million of the $60 million they owe Howard and the York Revolution of the independent Atlantic League appear to be willing to take them up on […]

roger clemens

Who Would You Pick to Play Roger Clemens?

Not to be outdone by the news that the Disney Channel is preparing a Mo’ne Davis biopic…Teddy Schwarzman (the dude behind “The Imitation Game”) has announced he’s planning a film based on the career of should-be Hall of Famer Roger Clemens. Okay, okay, the story of the embattled seven-time Cy Young Award is by no […]

roy halladay

Roy Halladay Rips Into A-Rod Via Twitter

What does a retired Major Leaguer pitcher do to stay relevant? Bash Alex Rodriguez, of course! And while I usually hate attempts to be relevant, I’m a big fan of what former star pitcher Roy Halladay has been up to. I always thought it was a shame how Halladay went out; as a Boston Red Sox fan, he […]


That Time Some Dudes Broke Into The Astrodome

The Harris County Domed Stadium, er, Houston Astrodome hasn’t hosted a baseball game since October 9, 1999, yet…everyone still knows its name. Come to think of it, outside of WrestleMania X-7 in 2001 and playing house to Hurricane Katrina victims four years later, the dome, once dubbed the “Eighth Wonder of the World” hasn’t seen […]


Wisdom and Links: Just Links This Time

Since last week had no links, this week will JUST have links! Makes sense, right? So, here we go: Some guys broke into the Astrodome in 2012. And they have photos from their adventure. The story of the Fake Ned Coletti twitter account and how it was shut down. Don’t worry, it’s back now, partly […]